Stoneacre Connect - the brand new smartphone app

By: Andy Newbound

Stoneacre teams up with Smartdriverclub to create the UK’s First Connected Used Car Dealer Smartphone App.

Stoneacre has become one of the first UK motor retailers to collaborate with Smartdriverclub and bring innovative new connectivity to our customers’ cars in the form of a stylish app for Apple and Android.

Our all-new Stoneacre Connect service uses a simple plug-in telematics device to provide our partners at Smartdriverclub with daily data including mileage information, fault alerts and other diagnostic information. This data is then passed onto Stoneacre, enabling us to keep track of how a car is performing. When we spot an issue, we can proactively get in touch with our customer to arrange maintenance, repair or car service work , often before a major fault develops.

Added peace of mind for Stoneacre customers

For added reassurance, customers with Stoneacre Connect also have access to 24/7 emergency assistance, theft tracking, business mileage information, plus special deals on essentials such as tyres and MOTs . Stoneacre Connect also offers a Smartdriverclub insurance discount of up to 40% OFF for good drivers.

“The beauty of Stoneacre Connect is that it benefits our customers on a number of levels,” explains Gerry George, Stoneacre’s Aftersales Director. “It’s reassuring to know that we’re here to ensure the car performs at its best and that we can proactively deal with any issues. Customers want trouble free driving and this is another way that Stoneacre helps to deliver this.’

Smartdriverclub CEO, Penny Searles agrees; “The team at Stoneacre immediately recognised the opportunity connected car technology provides. Stoneacre Connect has the potential to change the way Stoneacre interacts with customers once they leave the showroom.”

The app is available for Apple and Android for free and can be downloaded now from their respective stores. Then give us a call or pop into branch to speak to one of our staff about connecting your vehicle .

Please note we record all our calls to ensure that we give you the service you deserve.