Revolutionary new Peugeot 208 range unveiled

By: Sam Bisby

Heralding a new era for one of its most popular models, the all-new Peugeot 208 offers a revolutionary new take on the French hatchback.

Not only have the supermini’s visuals changed on a large scale, but Peugeot has taken a big step to offer next-generation motoring with the 208 by announcing a fully-electric version.

Sparking into life

Dubbed the Peugeot e-208, this 100% electric vehicle is a complete first for the French manufacturer.

Under the skin of the e-208, you’ll find a 100kW electric motor coupled with a 50kWh battery. Together, these offer a superb range of up to 211 miles, while three driving modes allow you to prioritise various factors, whether that’s maximising mileage, comfort or performance.

As is often hard to achieve on cars such as these, Peugeot has managed to maintain maximum cabin and boot space, despite having to house a 220L battery under the flooring of the e-208. In fact, cabin space is the same that can be found in the combustion versions of the new 208.

For those interested in the new e-208, you’ll be happy to know that the battery in question is covered by an eight-year, 100,000-mile manufacturer warranty.

In regards to charging the e-208, there are three methods to choose from to suit varying circumstances. Charging from a domestic plug is possibly the most straightforward of the three, offering a 20+ hour charge for full capacity; the second is an accelerated home charge from a dedicated charge point at home, taking approximately eight hours for a full change.

Finally, rapid charging at a public terminal can achieve an 80% charge in just 30 minutes from a 100kW charging station found at many motorway service stations.

Additionally, Peugeot e-208 owners will have the option of remotely activate the charging of their car through the Connected 3D Navigation touchscreen or by using the MyPeugeot smartphone app. The latter can also be used to also pre-programme the e-208’s heating, air conditioning and windscreen defrosting.

A design for the future

For those who possibly aren’t quite ready for the Electric Revolution quite just yet, Peugeot has ensured its new range of ‘standard’ 208s are well up to speed.

Firstly, let’s address that completely new look for the 208. Some may immediately see the design cues attributed from the new 508 saloon grace the new 208, especially in regards to lights at both the front and rear of the hatchback, giving the 208 an incredibly contemporary approach to its aesthetics.

Meanwhile, its many curves, long bonnet and striking grille area bring a feel of up-market style and substance to the new 208, while also offering a rather sporty profile.

Step into the cabin of the new 208 and you’ll find the latest version of the Peugeot 3D i-Cockpit, offering an agile and superbly ergonomic interior space. A compact multifunction steering wheel sits ahead of the configurable head-up display, while an HD colour touchscreen allows for full control over the car’s various features.

Under that long bonnet you’ll be able to choose from a choice of four engines, all of which have been created to meet EU emissions standards. A trio of petrol options are available with three possible transmission preferences, including a six-speed manual and slick eight-speed automatic. The latter available on the two more potent engine offerings.

Those after an economic, efficient diesel option, meanwhile, will find the 1.5-litre BlueHDi 100 S&S powerplant up to the job.

A total of three trim levels can be selected from (Active, Allure and GT-Line) for the petrol and diesel models of the 208, while the all-electric version offers a GT trim exclusively.

We will see the new Peugeot 208 in early March at the Geneva motor show, before order books open in the summer for deliveries expected later in the year.

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