New 2022 Nissan X-Trail

Nissan unveiled the new 2022 Nissan X-Trail at the Shanghai Motor Show, giving us a taste of what’s to come.

2022 Nissan X-Trail

The new 2022 Nissan X-Trail is set to arrive in Europe next year and will feature an e-Power hybrid powertrain from launch. A much-anticipated move, it brings more efficient motoring to one of Nissan’s most popular and practical SUVs.

The launch of the new X-Trail follows the recent overhaul of the Nissan Qashqai, so it is likely the two models will share similar features, engines and technology.

Built on Nissan’s CMF-C Platform

The 2022 Nissan X-Trail will be built on the same CMF-C platform that underpins the Qashqai. The CMF-C platform enables the adoption of the e-power Powertrain as well as bringing a new front suspension and a steering setup that improves refinement and enhances the driving dynamics.

e-Power Powertrain

The new X-Trail is likely to use the same variable compression ratio 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine as in the new Qashqai.

The Qashqai e-Power powertrain charges the compact battery that supplied the electric motor for 184bhp and 330Nm torque. This enables the combustion engine to run at the optimum level for efficiency, which will help lower emissions and improve fuel consumption.

Nissan says the system is unique as it gives you the feel of driving a fully electric model as the wheels are driven by electric motors. It even comes with Nissan’s ‘e-Pedal’ for the same one-pedal operational ability as the Nissan Leaf.

2022 Nissan X-Trail


All-Wheel-Drive functionality ensures that the new X-Trail is configurable for different conditions, including snow, gravel and mud, for added confidence behind the wheel.

The Nissan X-Trail will also come with the option of a four-wheel-drive to enhance off-road ability. So if you are keen to get a model that is as practical on the school run as it is on camping trips, the new X-Trail could be the ideal model for you.

Sharp Style and Enhanced Practicality

An evolution of style, the 2022 X-Trail comes with a pronounced V-Motion grille and narrow headlight units for a sharper front face.

The strong, angular lines along the body of the car help to create a chunkier look. At the rear, the X-Trail features shallow tail-light units and big silver insert for the bumper. And the contrasting colour roof creates a shorter stance which is sure to appeal to those looking for a more robust looking SUV.

Inside, thanks to the CMF-C platform, the X-Trail comes with a third row of seats enabling you to seat up to seven. So whether you have a full brood or are regularly transporting the football team, it is more than up to the job.

An Improved Interior

Few details have been released on the interior spec, although we believe it will follow along the lines of the new Qashqai. So you can expect it to come with more advanced kit that helps you make the most of your journey.

It is also likely to retain the formula of the previous generation X-Trail’s, which is outstandingly popular thanks to its impressive versatility. So if you are looking for a model ready for family-friendly adventures with the latest on-board technologies, the 2022 Nissan X-Trail is likely to be a top choice.

Meanwhile, an enhanced offering of driver assistance functions will help boost safety. Such additions to driver and passenger safety are vital in such a family-oriented model.

New-Look For Nissan

The fourth-generation Nissan X-Trail completes Nissan’s overhaul of its SUV line-up, which started in 2019 with the Juke, followed by the release of the all-electric Ariya and then the updated Qashqai.

The new Nissan X-Trail will be available from 2022, so now is the time to register your interest with your local Stoneacre Nissan branch. Doing so ensures you will be the first to hear about any updates, including when it arrives for you to test drive.