Mustang Bullitt Unveiled

By: Lisa Harper

A Legend Reborn

Channel your inner Steve McQueen! Unveiled yesterday at the Geneva Motor Show, this special edition Ford Mustang Bullit celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the film ‘Bullitt’.

Bullitt features arguably one of the most iconic car chases in film history, with Steve McQueen at the wheel of a green Ford Mustang in hot pursuit of 2 criminals, tearing through San Francisco. Now you can get your hands on your very own Mustang that epitomises this classic film and its leading star McQueen. There are a limited number of special edition Mustang Bullitts set to hit UK shores. We take a look at what makes this model so special.

Mustang Bullitt front view

The Mustang Bullitt radiates understated cool. Drawing heavily style-wise on the 1968 Mustang used in the film, it features 60’s styled chrome surround on the front grille and windows and is available in the iconic Dark Highland green paint (black is also available, but it doesn’t shout ‘Bullitt’ quite like the iconic green).

The Mustang Bullitt features gunmetal 19” torque thrust aluminium wheels, red painted brake callipers and black front grille. Whilst badging has been kept to a minimum to keep to the minimalist design brief.

The interior offers an exemplary mix of classic design touches and modern technology. The Sports styled Recaro seats are finished with green stitch detailing, whilst the 8 ball gear knob is a nod to the Mustangs 60’s heritage.

Mustang Bullitt interior view

This is all topped off with a unique Bullitt Electronic Package which includes a Satnav, a premium sound system, blind spot monitor, cross-traffic alert and driver memory seats and mirrors, ensuring driver comfort and convenience isn’t compromised.

The 5L V8 engine comes with an impressive 458bhp and a top speed of 163mph. It will only be available in the UK with a 6 speed manual gearbox.

Mustang Bullitt rear view

Mustang Heritage

The original Mustang was unveiled by Ford back in 1964 and became the first ‘pony’ car. Known as the ‘working man’s thunderbird’ it offered customer’s sports style and performance with a pocket friendly price tag, that families could afford. On its first day of release in the US around 22,000 Mustangs were sold and total sales that year topped 400,000. To date the Mustang has sold over 9 million vehicles worldwide.

For a long time Mustang was exclusively available in the US, however in 2015 we were lucky enough to see the release of a couple of models to the UK car market. With iconic styling, exciting performance and fantastic handling the Mustang has proved its worth on UK roads. Whilst still a rarer sight on UK roads than similar cars like the Audi TT, the Mustang looks set to stay. Plus with special edition, limited release models like the Mustang Bullitt we’re sure the Mustang will continue to stir the hearts of potential buyers.

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