You will soon see Learner Drivers on the motorway

By: Alex Hodgson

Learner drivers will be able to undertake driving lessons on the motorway with an approved driving instructor from the 4th of June, 2018.

The UK Government has announced the law change in England, Scotland and Wales to ensure that more drivers know how to use the motorway correctly and safely.

Currently, you can only take lessons on the motorway once you have passed your practical driving test. You can, once passed, take the Pass Plus scheme which is extra driver learning and could help you get a discount on your car insurance.

How will the changes work?

Learner drivers will have to be accompanied by an approved driving instructor and they will have to drive a car which is fitted with dual controls, basically, your standard driving instructor vehicle. These changes only apply to people learning to drive in a car, and doesn’t apply to motorcyclists and trainee driving instructors won’t be permitted to take learners onto the motorway

Motorway driving isn’t being introduced into the driving test .

The DVLA has advised that if you see a learner driver on the motorway, during a lesson, keep a safe distance from the car in question and increase this gap if the conditions aren’t good and always be patient with them, giving them plenty of time and space. The car will be fitted with L-plates on the front and back and may have an L-plate rooftop box attached to the vehicle.

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