How To De-Ice Your Car Quickly & Safely

By: John Tucker

Following the news that we are due some extremely cold weather towards the end of the week, there’s a strong chance that we will all be spending an extra few minutes trying to de-ice our windscreens every morning.

Whilst we’ve all done it, there are some rules you should follow when de-icing your car to ensure that you and your vehicle remain safe and secure.

1. First and foremost – do not pour hot or boiling water on the windscreen . The vast change in temperature could cause your windscreen to crack, creating a much bigger problem.

2. Start your car and turn the heater to the highest setting. If you have air-conditioning, make sure this is switched on as it helps to clear your windscreen faster.

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3. It is important to remember not to leave your car unattended whilst it is running. Firstly, a driver should be in control of their vehicle when it is running and you risk a fine and secondly, you are making it extremely easy for someone to steal your car.

4. Remove all snow from your car , using a soft brush if possible. The Highway Code states that you must be able to see, that all lights are clean and all number plates are clearly visible.

5. Remove ice from your windscreen using an ice scraper or brush. Don’t be tempted to use something like a credit card , as this could scratch the glass and impair your vision.

6. You could also use a professional de-icer product to help clear the ice from your windscreen. Some people suggest using a salt-based or vinegar-based solution, but these can corrode your paintwork .

7. Don’t turn your wipers on until all the ice has thawed, as you may cause damage to them.

8. You must wait until your windscreen is completely clear before setting off on your journey.

9. You can help to prevent ice from forming on your windscreen overnight by placing a towel or special cover on your windscreen before the temperature drops.

The main thing is to stay safe on the roads. Following these suggestion will help keep you, your passengers and other road users safe on the road during cold weather.

Allow yourself extra time in the mornings to prepare your car safely for travel and don’t rush to leave. It’s better to arrive safely than not at all. Take your time to properly de-ice your car.

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