Hyundai Ioniq is the Greenest car of the Year!

By: Alice Nicolson

South Korean marque takes home top prize

Today, we all understand the importance of lowering our emissions individually and as a country. If you buy an electric or hybrid car, the government will even give you some money back! But when it comes to a cars, it’s not always easy to produce a vehicle that works just as well as a conventional car and has little-to-no emissions. That’s why certain cars deserve to be commended for their commitment to saving the environment.

The Next Green Car of the Year awards has 12 categories. The Hyundai Ioniq won Best Small Family Car and Green Car of the Year.  An amazing effort from the Korean manufacturer gives you an eco-friendly car that performs just as well as a conventional car. You get to choose from three different engines with the Ioniq. All three emit different amounts of Co2:

• Electric – 0g/km

• Plug-In – 37g/km

• Hybrid – 76g/km

Other cars featured in the awards were the BMW 225xe for best MPV, the Renault Zoe Z.E 40 for best supermini and the Morgan EV3 won the best sports car. Each car had very low Co2 emissions or none at all, making them perfect for eco-conscious drivers. Not to mention, cars like these save you money on fuel and road tax.

Some cars were commended for the amazing advancements they’ve made in green technology. The Kia Niro , a Stoneacre favourite, was mentioned in the crossover category. Although it lost out to the Toyota C-HR, the Niro emits a mere 88g/km of Co2 and it’s the perfect family car.

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