Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

By: Lisa Harper

Planning on setting off on your very own road trip this summer? Our useful guide will provide you with all the information you need to make your journey memorable for all the right reasons.

Preparation is key to any trip but this couldn’t be truer for a road trip. Not only do you need to get together everything you will need for the journey, you also need to make sure your car is set for the adventure. We recommend carrying out some essential car checks before you set off:

Tyre Checks

- Check the condition of your tyre, making sure the tread is above 1.6mm and that there are no cuts, gouges or uneven wear.

- Ensure all tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure

- Don’t forget to check your spare tyre is in good condition too!

- If your car doesn’t have a spare tyre make sure you are carrying appropriate repair materials, for example a sealant and tyre inflator pack.

If you do need to replace a car tyre, why not take a look at our incredible range of tyres?

Fluid Checks

check fluid levels

While it’s advisable to carry plenty of fluids for you and your passengers you also need to consider your car too! There are multiple fluid levels it is advisable to check prior to embarking on a long journey:

- Engine oil – dipstick the oil to check the level and top it up if required

- Transmission fluid - checking the levels of the transmission fluid periodically can ensure the proper working of the transmission

- Brake fluid – brake fluid deteriorates over time and while it is something that should get checked at service, it is a good idea to check it before a longer journey

- Power steering fluid – an essential fluid to keep your power steering working correctly

- Windscreen washer fluid – for a clear view whatever the weather

- Coolant – most modern cars have a sealed cooling system so shouldn’t need topping up unless there is a leak, however it’s still advisable to check the system before setting off on a long journey

At Stoneacre our Interim service is a cost effective and hassle-free way to make sure your car is in tip top condition for your journey. It includes 50 detailed checks of your car, covering your brakes, steering, engine, clutch, oil filter and essential fluid levels.


Car batteries have a shelf life and the last thing you want to discover mid trip is that your cars battery is on its way out.


Make sure all of your lights including brake lights and indicator lights are working before setting off.

Air- Conditioning

Check your air-conditioning is fully functional before setting off on a journey, especially if you’re heading somewhere hot. It is recommended that your air-conditioning should be recharged approximately every two years. Our Spring car check is the ideal check for your car prior to a long summer trip.

Essentials to Pack

Essentials to pack for your road trip

There are a few essentials that we’d recommend keeping in your car for a hassle-free road trip:

- License and registration, fairly obvious but easy to forget

- Your cars manual - an essential should anything go wrong

- Warranty, car insurance and emergency car service contact information

- A fully equipped emergency car tool kit in case you run into difficulties

- An in-car phone charger to keep your phone charged up, unless your car has a wireless phone charging hub

- Spare change - handy for tolls or parking up

- GPS system if your car doesn’t have one built-in

- A paper map - old school we know, but when the GPS lets you down then you need a trusty back up

- A first aid kit

- A torch and spare batteries

- Sunglasses

- Tissues or wet wipes

- Games to keep everyone entertained

- Music/Audiobooks to suit everyone’s tastes

road trip map

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