Finding the Face of Stoneacre

By: Charlotte Stevens

Congratulations to our winners of the Face of Stoneacre!



We’re happy to announce that we don’t just have one Face of Stoneacre - we have TWO – they were both so good that we just simply couldn’t choose between them!

On May 17, we had the pleasure of surprising each winner at their respective places of business and give them the good news while they were busy at work!

We arrived first at our Doncaster Barnby Dun Road branch – cameras and confetti cannons at the ready - and burst into the Purchase Ledger office to reveal that Jen Simmonds was our first Face of Stoneacre winner!

After a quick photo shoot in the Stoneacre Specialist showroom, we all bundled into our cars and headed to Head Office to announce our 2nd winner!

And that lucky individual was Recruitment Consultant Nicole Hartley, who was so surprised she was speechless when we walked into her office. Covered her in gold confetti and presented with a certificate, sash and tiara, she was free to celebrate her Face of Stoneacre success! All of her fellow recruitment team were so incredibly proud of her, and are supporting her career decision 100%.

Jen and Nicole will be starring in our promotional media in the coming months – so you’ll be seeing a lot more of them very soon!

Congratulations to both and we wish you the best of luck in your new roles!


Here we are surprising them…


Let’s look back at the Face of Stoneacre stages that led to Jen and Nicole’s success:

Phase 1 Auditions - Recap

Putting yourself in front of a film camera is no mean feat, but this was the task facing some of our current employees! The budding presenters put themselves forward to be the ‘Face of Stoneacre’ for our in-house promotional and product videos.

Auditions took place at Stoneacre Head Office on March 22, where candidates were asked to introduce themselves to camera and perform the pre-determined script. Auditions were performed in front of Shaun Foweather - Managing Director; Camille Johnson - Director, PAB Studios; Mark Zavagno - Head of Digital; Charlotte Stevens - Group Social Media; Alex Hodgson - Group Social Media and David Ward - Stoneacre Videographer. The audition tapes were then watched back our five finalists were announced over on our Group Facebook Page !

The Phase 1 Auditions…



Phase 2 Auditions - Recap

Our final five candidates were invited down for a jam-packed day of acting on May 11! They were first asked to perform a talent that they had been rehearsing. Jen, Joely and Faye all chose to sing - and WOW did they all had great voices! Tom and Nicole both chose to perform a card trick which they both executed perfectly!

Check out their videos on Facebook HERE !

For part of the day we handed control to professional actress Nichola Dixon who starts in our TV adverts! She had created a bespoke workshop for our auditionees to showcase their acting abilities, and to test them with different scenarios they may face, on set, on the day of recording! Among the skills learnt were how to use an auto-cue, working alongside other actors, using props and adapting a script to suit the surroundings.

Each candidate was so much more confident as they day progressed that it became harder and harder to choose a winner! As you have now discovered, it was so hard we just had to pick two!

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