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13 Apr 2018 by Lisa Simm

Triumph is one of the oldest motorcycle producers in the world, having manufactured motorcycles for over 100 years. The company was founded in England by Siegfried Bettmann in 1902 and assembly still continues today at the company’s base in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Triumph has always been a leader in innovation and pioneering technology. In 1937 it introduced a totally new engine design – the 500 speed Twin engine. This soon became the standard for almost all British Twin-cylinder motorcycles for the next 45 years.

During motorcycles’ heyday in the ‘50s and ‘60s Triumph was leading the race to produce some of the fastest and best-looking bikes on the market. This drive to produce class-leading bikes has continued today and Triumph has recently signed as the official engine supplier for the Moto 2 World Championship from 2019.

Triumph bikes have featured in numerous films over the years and have been ridden by a host of stars. These include Marlon Brando in ‘The Wild Ones’, Steve McQueen in ‘The Great Escape’, Richard Gere in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ and more recently by Chris Pratt in ‘Jurassic World’. With great performance, exceptional handling and stunning looks Triumph bikes are built to ride and still reign supreme as the bike of choice for keen riders. Triumph’s philosophy, meanwhile, is still apparent in every single bike it produces:

‘We don’t just make motorcycles, we ride them too. We’re proud of the bikes we build, the materials we use and the people who turn dreams into reality.’

Here are a few examples of what Triumph bikes can offer in the world of engaging motorcycles.

Best Cruiser – Triumph Rocket III Roadster


Breaking the mould for bikes in the cruiser class, the Triumph Rocket III Roadster combines well-mannered handling with an outrageously powerful engine. Whilst cruising along perfectly happy in built-up city streets when you do reach open roads you’ll find the Rocket III Roadster soon shows its true colours with its rip-roaring acceleration.

The massive 2.3-litre three-cylinder inline engine has a respectable 146bhp, but what’s truly impressive is that with 221nm at 2,750rpm it has more torque at idle than many superbikes at full revs. This all adds to the thrill of the ride and ensures that other cruisers will be as just a tiny dot in your mirrors as it impressively delivers full strength within the first three gears.

For such a big bike, the ride is surprisingly easy to manage. The sophisticated on-board suspension enables you to cruise around corners and change direction with ease. The wide handlebars, meanwhile, create a better and more stable base for you to keep the Roadster’s weight under control. Whilst the unique engine layout, which runs longitudinally on the bike, helps to slimline the bike creating a more comfortable ride experience.

The Rocket III has a distinctive look with blackened radiator cowls, rear mudguard rails, an airbox cover, fork protectors and mirrors to create a robust, menacing and unforgettable look. While not the most economical bike on the market the Triumph Rocket III Roadster is capable of achieving around 40mpg. The 24-litre fuel tank means you can go for miles without needing to fill up and makes the Rocket III Roadster as efficient as a tourer as it is an exhilarating all-rounder. If you’re looking for a reliable, durable and engaging motorcycle the Triumph Rocket III Roadster could be the bike for you.

Best Super Sports – Triumph Speed Triple RS


Triumph describes the Triumph Speed Triple RS as the most explosive and adrenalin-charged Street bike they have ever produced. With more raw power than the Triple R, it replaces it still retains the characteristic Triumph well-mannered handling creating a versatile bike that can be ridden every day as well as tearing it up on the track.

Featuring Triumph’s a three-cylinder 1055cc engine the Speed Triple RS offers 150hp at 10,500rpm so packs a considerable punch. The acceleration is smooth and sophisticated utilising a ride-by-wire throttle.

However, unlike some of its competitors, the Triumph Speed Triple RS doesn’t just concentrate on just horsepower but looks to offer riders a complete package. Combining style, power, technology and most importantly exceptional ride-ability the Speed Triple RS is one of the most intuitive bikes to ride. The steering is light and quick-turning to offer riders sublime handling.

You can even personalise your ride with the availability of different ride modes including Rain, Road, Sport and Rider. You simply change the mode via the handlebar switchgear during riding. ‘Rain’ offers the softest throttle response alongside the most sensitive anti-lock brake and traction settings. Whereas the ‘Track’ setting offers the most aggressive throttle response and the least intervention from the ABS and traction control. The ‘Rider’ mode enables you to fully personalise the settings to suit your particular ride preferences, allowing you to even switch off functions like the ABS and traction control to enable you to achieve complete mastery of your environment.

Technology has been fully considered with a new TFT coloured dashboard changes the information it displays depending on what mode you have selected, ensuring that all the information you’d expect at your fingertips in all circumstances. Day to day riding is made more enjoyable with a host of additional features like cruise control and the backlit handlebar switches, which removes the struggle to find the switch you need when riding at night.

The Triumph Speed Triple RS is undeniably comfortable, practical and fun and is as ideal for day to day commuter use as it is for hitting open roads. 

Best for Adventure & Touring – Triumph Tiger Explorer XCx


For a Triumph bike that can go anywhere and do anything, the Triumph Tiger Explorer XCx is the ultimate choice. Optimised by Triumph for life both on and off the road, the Tiger is capable of coping with whatever you put in its path. With an advanced semi-active suspension system and an IMU the rider is able to electronically control the front and rear suspension damping to reflect the terrain being covered and ensure that optimal grip is provided whatever the situation.

It doesn’t stop there, the Triumph Tiger Explorer XCx is at the cutting edge of motorcycle electronics with technology embedded in its core. Additional features include the handy Hill-hold Control which prevents the bike from rolling backwards when setting off on an incline. Whilst pre-set riding modes like Rain, Road and Off-Road alter the bikes ABS and traction control to provide the best settings for a variety of different conditions.

The 1,215cc inline triple-cylinder engine features ride-by-wire function. It’s capable of quick overtakes without relying on downshifts. While the 20-litre fuel tank ensures you can cover impressive distances before you need to stop to refuel.

For such a big bike the Triumph Tiger Explorer XCx handles remarkably well. With thoughtful and innovative design, the Explorer XCx is able to cope admirably with bends and fast changes of direction.

When you want to cover long distances comfort is a key priority, which is why the Explorer XCx has been built with the rider in mind. With a wide comfortable seat, it would be easy to spend hours in the saddle. The seating, footpegs and bar positions have all been designed and positioned to maximise rider comfort. Whilst the heated grips, rider and passenger seats add additional levels of comfort even during cold weather.

So when you’re ready to start your next adventure, the Triumph Tiger Explorer XCx is the bike to choose.

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