Entertaining The Kids On Long Journeys - Part 2

By: Rebecca Ives

You’re strapped in, you’ve got the kids and the kitchen sink in tow, now to keep everyone happy on the long journey to your destination. But how?

Board & Card Games

Many of the big board games companies out there have designed mini travel versions to accompany you on land, at sea or in the air. These include games such as Connect Four, Guess Who or Battleship. There are also many 4-in-1 games that are magnetic so there is no need to worry about losing small pieces under the car seat.

Alternatively there are many card games available such as Top Trumps and Uno, or why not simply enjoy a game of Go Fish?

Storage Solutions

So if you’re going to take all these items with you then where are you going to store them? There are some great car seat organisers available that simply hook over the back of the front seat for easy access. Alternatively, you can get a car seat tray with pockets for storing and a flat surface for colouring or reading.

Other Games & Activities

Car Bingo - Simply make a list of items you would expect to see on your journey for each player to tick off as they go. For example, for younger kids you could choose car colours and, for older children, you could choose car manufacturers.

Sing-Along – You can either invest in a CD, listen to the radio or just go a cappella. Take it in turns to choose a song and sing it out loud for all to hear. If you’re feeling competitive, you could turn it into your own version of the X-Factor (Simon Cowell optional).

I-Spy – One everyone knows! The only dilemma is who gets to go first?

The number plate game – When driving along and seeing another vehicle why not try making a sentence using the letters as the first letter of words, for example YL99 HAT could be “Yellow Lions Have Awesome Tails”.

Who Am I – One player thinks of a person/character and the others have to guess who it is by asking closed (yes/no) questions.

The Shopping List Game – the first player starts off by saying “I went to the shop and I bought [insert item here]” and then the next player repeats what they said and adds their own item. The game ends when a player cannot remember all of the items.

The Alphabet Game – There are many variations of this but one of the more popular ones is to start by looking for the letter A in a sign, for example Brook Avenue and working your way through to Z. Alternatively why not just try and spot something on your journey that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

Looking to the future

In 2011 Toyota announced a concept project alongside the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design that allows passengers to use windows as touchscreens to interact with passing scenery and draw pictures. Unfortunately, 6 years later there has been no update on this project and potential consumers online had mixed opinions on the idea.

What are your favourite games to play with the family in the car? Whatever you decide we wish you all a pleasant and safe journey.

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