Driving lessons & tests to re-start in England

01 Jul 2020 by Lisa Simm

In England, driving lessons and theory tests will restart on Saturday 4th July, while driving tests will restart on Wednesday 22nd July.

The Government’s recent announcement regarding restarting driving lessons and tests will no doubt be welcomed by those itching to get behind the wheel. Let’s face it there’s nothing better than finally having the freedom to take to the road on your own. However, the new legislation only affects those in England, as both Scotland and Wales plan to uphold the suspension on lessons and tests.

Driving lessons & tests

The driving lessons rules will apply to all types of driving and motorcycle training. It will include private practice with someone you live with or who is in your support bubble, so is great news if you want to get back on the road to practice.

Theory tests can be booked from the 4th but strict social distancing measures will be in place at test centres. The only bad news is that if your theory test has expired during the lockdown, you will have to sit it again.

Driving tests will not restart until 22nd July in order to give people a chance to practice before their test. People who have had their driving test cancelled due to the pandemic will have priority when rebooking.

How will lessons change for learners?

While driving lessons will be back you can expect a few changes.

If you’re booking a lesson there is a good chance you will be asked to wear a face-covering and disposable gloves while in the vehicle.

You may be also be asked to wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser before getting into the car.

Some driver instructors have suggested they will ask learner drivers to wear clothing that fully covers their arms and legs.

How will driving lessons change for instructors?

Driving instructors will be responsible for thoroughly cleaning their vehicle in between learner drivers. They will focus on key touchpoints like the steering wheel, door handles, gear lever, parking brake etc using alcohol-based gels to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Driving instructors will have to leave adequate time for cleaning between each learner driver, so their availability may be slightly reduced.

Driving instructors may have the windows down during your lesson to help increase ventilation.

There has been some suggestion a screen could be used between the instructor and learner driver. However, driver instructors have made it clear this could only happen if they can still access the steering wheel should they need to take control of the vehicle.

Many driving instructor companies have announced their intention to issue staff with PPE to wear including face masks and disposable gloves.

man happy to be on driving lessons

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