Britain's Most Haunted Roads

By: Alex Hodgson

Paranormal activity, monk-like apparitions, and dancing ghoul children aren’t usually something you would associate with some of the UK’s busiest roads, but with Halloween just around the corner, I take a look at some thoroughfare’s and the allegedly treacherous tales behind them. Whether you’re a staunch believer or nonbeliever these roads will get you wondering! 

The A75 from Annan from Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Supposedly the most haunted road in Scotland, the A75 has a history of reported ghastly sightings from motorists; usual sightings include crestfallen groups of people dragging handcarts and bundles like medieval camp followers along the carriageway in the dead of night, with documented accounts of this paranormal activity going back at least 50 years. There is said to have been sightings of an array of animals, horsemen and carriages on the road, and some drivers have been certain they have run figures down whilst travelling at night, ghostly figures of men, woman and children emerging from the dark, only to find no one to be seen when stepping out of the vehicle!

A616 - Stocksbridge bypass – near Sheffield, England

This stretch of road has been described as ‘the Killer Road’ in recent years; the Stocksbridge bypass was completed in 1989 and has been called ‘an accident black spot’, with large numbers of fatalities. The stories of a paranormal demeanour began during the building of the road when two security guards tasked with keeping watch over building materials claimed they saw a group of children dancing beneath a pylon in the early hours, they had their claims laughed off when they called Deepcar police station, with officers saying they would be better off phoning a priest! Drivers on the road have stated they have seen a monk staring blankly over the valley beside the road, with some even stating they have seen the apparition beside them in their vehicle! Coincidentally, the bypass is on the A 616, which some claim is the number of the Devil.

The M6 Motorway – England

Without question the longest motorway in the United Kingdom, but is it the most haunted? Running from Warwickshire up to the English – Scottish border, the M6 is just over 230 miles long, and it has been synonymous with stories of the paranormal, with ample room for such goings on to take place! There have often been reports of phantom Roman soldiers marching, a deranged woman aside the road and an old-style vehicle driving against the traffic within the surface of the carriageway.

Platt Lane , Westhoughton, Lancashire – England

Platt Lane in Westhoughton, Lancashire runs close the site of the Pretoria Pit disaster which occurred in 1910, when a huge explosion occurred at the colliery, causing the tragic deaths of 344 men and young lads working within the mine, since then reported sightings of ghostly activity in the area include piercing eyes spotted prying from within the bushes aside the road, as well as the figures of spooked miners trudging alongside vehicles in the dead of night. With this being only a small road and the history of the area, it could be one to avoid if you scare easily!  

A9 – Scotland

The A9 in Scotland, running from the Falkirk council area in central Scotland to Scrabster Harbour in the Far North, has been described as one of the ‘spookiest’ roads in Britain, with drivers having reported having witnessed unusual activity, a family once described what they saw as ‘an ornate coach and horses’ along the stretch of road in the Highlands, with to ‘bewigged footmen’ walking alongside them. On the same road at The Mound between Dornoch and Golspie, there was what has been described as a despondent man clad in Victorian clothing upon horseback sighted, leading the road to be named twice on the top haunted roads in Britain list compiled by building materials supplier Tarmac. Be wary when driving in the dark around these parts!

Abnormal experiences, eerie sightings and unexplained goings on - the intrigue of the unknown instill a fascination to explore what we cannot explain, but would you be likely to drive down any of these roads in the early hours… alone? 

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