Blackburn Renault and Dacia Showroom Opens

10 May 2021 by Lisa Simm

We are excited to announce a brand new Stoneacre showroom in Blackburn, home to award-winning car manufacturers Renault and Dacia.

Positioned on Quarry Street in Blackburn, our new showroom is ideally located to provide those in and around Blackburn with the highest-quality cars from two class-leading manufacturers. So whether you are looking for a chic city car or smart SUV, we are confident you won’t leave our brand new dealership disappointed.


Iconic French manufacturer Renault has been at the fore of automotive innovation for over a century. So it is hardly surprising, its award-winning models on sale in over 125 countries around the world.

Renault has established itself as a household name in the UK, thanks to longstanding models like the Clio and Megane. While Renault’s practical and family-friendly SUV the Kadjar is quickly gaining a reputation for excellence.

Renault is also keen to push the boundaries of the future of motoring and explore the possibilities of electric motoring. In fact, the fully-electric Renault Zoe is one of the bestselling emission-free models on the market.


Dacia may be a newer automotive brand than Renault, but it is already making a big impact on the UK car market. The Dacia way offers a more simplistic approach to car ownership delivering the functions you need at a price you won’t believe.

The practical and rugged Dacia Duster brings SUV capabilities to the masses. While the popular Dacia Sandero delivers the nippy performance you need for zipping around the town.  

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