The Best Car Apps of 2018

09 Jan 2019 by Lisa Simm

There’s no escaping our reliance on mobile phones. They can take on more tasks than ever before and have reduced the need for us to have separate gadgets. Car manufacturers don’t want to be left behind and have been working closely with mobile phone companies to find the best way to integrate mobile phone technology into vehicles. While app builders are continually coming up with apps that can be used on the go with the aim of making our time driving easier and less stressful. 

So whether you are trying to avoid traffic on your commute to work or find a free parking space in a busy city, there are plenty of apps to choose from to make every aspect of your journey easier. We take a look at some of the apps we’ve found most helpful over the last year and that we would rate as the best car apps of 2018.

The best car apps we’ve chosen are compatible on both Android and Apple devices so no matter what phone you have you should be able to take advantage of the benefits.

Stoneacre Connect

Frankly our very own app ‘Stoneacre Connect’ was bound to make the list, but we genuinely believe this app paves the way for completely stress-free motoring. By partnering up with SmartDriverClub we have been able to create a user-friendly app which customers will find a valuable asset. It allows you to access your car’s data and complimentary services helping you out day-to-day as well as advising you of important dates in your cars schedule. 

Benefits of the Stoneacre Connect App:

–    Alerts you of faults on the car

–    Notifies you when your MOT and tax renewal are due

–    Sends your vehicle’s location to the Police in the event of a theft

–    Can direct the emergency services to your location if you are unresponsive following a serious collision

–    Tracks business miles for you

–    Can help you locate your car if you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked

–    Gives you access to Stoneacre special offers on items like tyres and MOT offers.

You can access data on your mobile phone via the Stoneacre Connect app or online via a laptop or tablet device.  

Stoneacre Connect app

Find My Car 

We’ve all done it – parked up in a big multi-storey, gone off had a great day, then returned to the car park to find that we have no idea where we parked. Well, worry no more this amazing app does what it says on the tin. Using GPS the exact location of your car is recorded.  When returning to your car, you can view your current position in relation to the car. This means you know where you need to go to return to your car. You can even use Google Navigation (or another external app) to get directions straight to where your car is parked.

Sygic GPS Navigation

If you find it difficult to follow a normal GPS system, then you need to download the Sygic GPS app. Thanks to an advanced 3D display it is easier to follow the instructions, so you are less likely to take a wrong turn. On top of that, it doesn’t require an internet connection so is more reliable than some other systems. Such is its popularity, it received second place in the Navigation App category worldwide. 

It is easy to set up and will offer alternative routes in heavy traffic and can even help you locate a parking spot. It was one of the first navigation apps to receive MirrorLink certification by the Connected Car Consortium and is compatible with any in-car infotainment system with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.  Plus the maps and app are updated regularly at no extra cost so you can rest assured that the maps will never be out of date. We definitely rate this as one of the best navigations apps available.

Sygic GPS Navigation app


While many of us will know where to head to get a decent fuel price at home, on long journeys or when away from home we can often get stung by inflated prices, or just struggle to locate a petrol station.  Struggle no more this helpful App available for Android or IOS locates the cheapest fuel near to you, no matter where you are in the country. 

You can specify your preferences for default fuel type and radius, so the app is set up and ready whenever you need it.


Don’t be restricted to the radio, with the Spotify app you can listen to your favourite music on the go. It’s one of the best apps for a long car ride as thanks to a comprehensive library of millions of tracks covering all genres, you’ll never get bored! Plus with Spotify, you can create and share playlists as well as finding a wealth of curated playlists for every genre, mood or activity.  Stream completely free, or pay a monthly subscription and enjoy offline listening and an ad-free service.

Spotify app for music on the go

Motorway Services GB 

Do you spend a lot of time on the road? Then this is sure to be a really helpful app. With comprehensive details on all service stations within the UK, you can see what facilities and shops are available before you decide to stop. So if you can’t make a journey without stopping off for your favourite coffee, this is the perfect app for you. 


Dashcams are becoming a key trend within the car industry. However, if you don’t want to splash out for a separate unit, this app is a good alternative. It allows you to film footage using your phone while driving and can be handy in the event of an incident. You can switch between recording, map view and the camera easily, giving greater functionality than just a Dashcam. The app also tracks your location and lets you know when you’re travelling over the speed limit.


Roadtrippers is one of the fastest-growing web and mobile travel planning platform and will make planning your next road trip a doddle. As well as providing information on the quickest route from A to B, the app also brings up points of interest, restaurants and hotels along the way, allowing you to explore off the beaten track and really make the most of your journey. 

Great for busy parents this app will transform your holiday drive from a chore into an exciting part of the experience.

Roadtrippers  app


Your ally on the road, Radarbot helps to make sure you are travelling within the speed limit on your journey. A 100% legal and reliable it combines real-time alerts with the best speed camera detection system using GPS for one of the best systems currently available. 

The system will warn you of fixed speed cameras, potential mobile cameras (reported by users), tunnel cameras, ANPR cameras, traffic light cameras and dangerous traffic areas. It gets updated daily so you can benefit from continuous improvements and completely free updates. 

Plus as it can be integrated with any GPS navigator system, you can continue getting directions while having the Radarbot app operating. While the battery-saving mode means you can continue to receive notifications even with the screen off.

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