The Best Cars for Towing 2018

By: Lisa Harper

Whether you're looking to tow a caravan, a horsebox or a trailer, you need to make sure that the vehicle you choose is up to the job. To give you a helping hand we've taken a look at some of the best cars for towing currently on the market. So regardless of whether you are hoping to find the best estate car or the best 4x4 for towing, you're sure to find something suitable in our lineup.

Best Cars For Towing

Ford Ranger:

-    3,500kg maximum braked towing weight

-    Four-wheel drive as standard

-    Five Star Euro NCAP rating

For a robust towing vehicle then the Ford Ranger is a great option; with strong off-road capabilities, the Ranger truly will take you anywhere. Unlike many pick-ups the Ford Ranger is easy to drive with the same responsive steering featured across the Ford vehicle range.

The Ranger is fully-equipped with a range of entertainment which includes a DAB radio with full Ford SYNC3 infotainment and an eight-inch touchscreen display. While additional features such as adaptive cruise control ensure motorway miles are less stressful. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee:

-    3,500kg tow weight

-    Four Star Euro NCAP rating

-    Reported 24.8mpg when towing

Equally, at home on the road or exploring more rugged terrains, the Grand Cherokee is ideal for lugging heavier loads and would have no problem towing a large twin-axle caravan. The Selec-Terrain system allows you to fine-tune traction control enabling you to tackle a host of different terrains. While the low-ratio button is ideal when you are heading off-road or when you need to pull a caravan off a really muddy pitch. 

There’s plenty of kit on board the Grand Cherokee including impressive driver assistance features and a comprehensive infotainment system which help to make those long journeys towing more bearable. 

Volvo XC90:

-    2,700kg maximum tow weight

-    Five Star Euro NCAP rating scoring 100% in safety assist category

-    Reported 26.1mpg when towing

-    Hybrid powertrain available

A luxurious seven-seater the XC90 is not only an accomplished tow car, but it is also ideal for larger families or those who regularly need to carry extras. The XC90 has an impeccable safety record. It achieved a five-star Euro NCAP rating as well as scoring highly in each area of testing. Even more impressive is that no driver or passenger has been killed inside the XC90 in the UK within the past fourteen years. 

What's more, if you’re concerned about your carbon footprint or you just want to save on fuel costs you’ll be delighted to learn that the XC90 is available with a hybrid powertrain which does a very credible job of towing.

Kia Sportage:

-    2,200kg maximum tow weight

-    Five Star Euro NCAP rating 

-    Reported 26.5mpg when towing

A reasonably priced seven-seater the Kia Sportage is one of the top-selling large SUVs in Britain. It benefits from Kia’s impressive seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty which is unbeaten by any other car manufacturer. Plus like the XC90 it comes with a five-star Euro NCAP rating. 

The Sportage manages to keep your caravan, trailer or horsebox stable even at motorway speeds. However, as the Sportage has a lower 2,200kg maximum tow weight, it may not be suitable for people with heavier loads to tow. 

Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer:

-    1,600kg maximum towing capacity

-    Capable of around 32mpg when towing 

-    Stable and composed towing

The Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer is an adept towing vehicle. This affordable estate is also a great family car as it offers ample room for your whole family as well as all of their kit.  What’s more, better feedback from the steering wheel has improved responsiveness to help ensure the Insignia is easier to control and manoeuvre even when towing. 

The Insignia Estate Sports Tourer offers incredible value for money. As well as a great list-price the Insignia is cost-effective to run. With low CO2 emissions, great mile per gallon capabilities and competitive insurance costs owning and running a Vauxhall Insignia will not break the bank. 

Ford Mondeo Estate:

-    Maximum tow weight 2,000kg

-    Real-world towing capability of approximately 26mpg

-    Available with either as 4x4 or front wheel drive

A versatile towing option the Ford Mondeo estate is available with either 4x4 or front wheel drive. The 4x4 option will cost you a bit more initially however, it offers extra practicality and helps to make light work of more challenging aspects of towing like hill starts. What’s more, the power shift automatic gearbox makes driving less stressful as you don’t need to juggle with the clutch and throttle when pulling away. 

The Ford Mondeo estate is one of the larger offerings in its class. The boot will have no problem swallowing all of your luggage, while the spacious rear seats will comfortably seat three adults. 

Dacia Duster:

-    1,500kg maximum tow weight

-    Real-world towing mpg around 27.8mpg

-    Unbeatable value for money

Dacia is a relatively new offering to the UK car market. However, they are already making waves in the car industry for their no-nonsense, low price cars. The Dacia Duster is the cheapest car to make our list and we challenge your jaw not to drop when you see how little you need to get your hands on a brand new Duster. 

Prioritising function and practicality over frivolity and luxury the Dacia Duster is a great option for people who want a practical tow vehicle and aren’t bothered by the addition of gadgets and gizmos. However, that doesn't mean there aren't useful options available like four-wheel drive. Not only does this make the Duster more useful for towing, but the extra weight the four-wheel drive system adds to the vehicle helps to stabilise the towing ability.

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