The best car for a staycation

03 Aug 2020 by Lisa Simm

With travel so uncertain at the moment, many people are choosing to stay at home this summer instead of taking a summer holiday abroad. As car enthusiasts this got us thinking about the best car for a staycation. So if you’re thinking of switching cars we’ve rounded up some of our favourite cars for a staycation to help you get started.

Best Luxury Family Car

best car for a staycation the family friendly Volvo XC90

If you’re the kind of family who likes the best in life, then the Volvo XC90 is a fantastic choice. This luxurious seven-seater is extremely practical and offers everything you could need to enjoy a family holiday without compromise.

The clean and uncluttered cabin design is sure to appeal to those with refined tastes, while the enhanced infotainment system offers seamless connectivity on the go. Then, of course, comes Volvo’s impressive raft of safety equipment which gives you greater confidence behind the wheel.

Volvo’s seats are renowned for their exceptional comfort, so they enable you to enjoy every moment of your journey. What’s more, the roomy middle and rear seats are capable of seating adults, making the XC90 ideal if you’ve got gangly teenagers riding in the back.

Best Car for Romantic Getaways

side view of Mazda MX-5

If you and your loved one, love sneaking off for romantic getaways but want to do it in style the Mazda MX-5 is a perfect choice. This iconic sports car brings you delightful driving dynamics, so whether you’re heading to a country retreat or exploring the city, you’ll never get tired of driving.

Seductively styled the MX-5 is sure to get heads turning wherever you are heading, and with a fully convertible roof, you can experience the thrills of top-down motoring.

What’s more, thanks to Mazda’s innovative Skyactiv engine technology it’s efficient on fuel. So you may find you have more spare money to spend on romantic evenings out.

Best Car for Adventurous Couples

Suzuki Jimny in a ford

If you and your other half, can’t think of anything better than hitting the path less travelled, you’ll need a car that can keep up, and we can’t think of a better car than the Suzuki Jimny. This small SUV has plenty of room for two, along with space in the back for all the luggage you need for camping.

With fantastic off-road capabilities, the Jimny won’t let you down when the going gets tough. A robust ladder-frame chassis gives it a strong base, while its small dimension ensures it is capable of getting places other off-roaders couldn’t dream of reaching. So if camping in the wilds of Scotland is high on your priority list, then the Suzuki Jimny is the car for you.

The Suzuki Jimny will only remain on sale in the UK for the remainder of this year. Numbers are currently limited, so you’ll need to act now if you’re looking for a brand new model. However, if you’re happy to consider a used Jimny, there is still plenty on the market.

Best Car for Adventurous Families

best family car for adventures the Toyota Land Cruiser

For adventurous families, we recommend the Toyota Land Cruiser. Originally released in 1951, the Land Cruiser has a reputation for reliability, so you can put your trust it in to transport you and your loved ones on holiday this year.

What’s more, with years of experience off-roading it has the prowess to keep you on the right track. A maximum 3,000kg towing capacity ensures this is the car you’ll want if you’re planning to hook up a caravan.

Plus with the latest on board equipment, including a Touch2 infotainment system, the Land Cruiser has the ability to keep everyone entertained.

Best Car for Scenic Routes

side view of Citroen C4 Cactus

If you’re planning to take the scenic route to reach your destination this year, you should opt for a car that allows you to make the most of the views. With a high-ride height and an expansive windscreen, we can’t think of a better model than the Citroen C4 Cactus.

The C4 Cactus also offers unrivalled comfort on longer journeys thanks to Citroen’s Progressive Hydraulic Cushions. Absorbing undulations in the road the well-set suspension brings a glide-like quality to your drive, making it ideal for longer journeys.

It’s a great car if you’re looking to stand out too, as it’s available with a multitude of personalisation options. Plus it comes with Citroen’s unique air bumps which add style while helping to protect the car from paint scratches.

Best Car for Pet-Friendly Holidays

best pet friendly car Peugeot 308SW

If your family includes any four-legged friends, then you need a car that not only has plenty of space, but that is also easy for them to access. We think the Peugeot 308SW fits the bill perfectly.

With an estate body, most pooches will have no trouble jumping in and out of the car unaided. Plus as it sits much lower to the ground than many SUVs, there’s less pressure on your dog’s joints when they do jump in and out.

With a 660-litre boot capacity, the possibilities are endless. For example, if you have multiple pets, you can leave the boot to them. However, if you’ve just got the one dog or a couple of smaller ones, there’s enough room to get a dog box fitted, allowing you to store your luggage in the boot too.

Plus as the Peugeot 38SW offers low running costs, it leaves you with some extra money to spend on some holiday treats for you and the dog.

Best Car to Camp In

Jeep Wrangler off road

We all know someone who loves to wing it and if this your style when it comes to holidays we’ve got just the car for you. 

The Jeep Wrangler’s incredible versatility means it can adapt at a moment’s notice. So if you didn’t book a hotel room and find that camping is the only option, the Wrangler will not let you down.

You can put a camping mattress in the back and camp inside or invest in a roof-top tent, therefore the possibilities are endless. Do a quick google search for Wrangler camping, and you’ll get countless articles suggesting ways to make your Wrangler provide an accommodating base for the night. Plus with Jeep’s off-roading heritage built into every model, it can take you wherever you want to go.

Best Car for Weekend Getaways

rear aspect of SEAT Leon Sportstourer

If you plan to take shorter weekend trips away, you want a car that can accommodate a range of luggage at a moment’s notice. With these things to consider, an estate makes sense, and with plenty of make and models to choose from narrowing it down to just one model is tough.

In the end, the stylish looks and dynamic performance of the SEAT Leon Sportstourer gave it the edge. It’s a car that won’t look out of place whether you’re planning on a golfing getaway or a seaside stopover.

Inside the Leon Sportstourer, offers buyers a wealth of equipment, from an advanced infotainment system with Amazon Alexa compatibility to multi-coloured ambient lighting and a wireless phone charger, so it has the power to keep you entertained. What’s more, there are even convenience boosting features like rain-sensing wipers and keyless entry, both of which allow you to enjoy a more seamless journey.

Best City Break Car

best car for a staycation - rear view of Abarth 595C with its top down

Hands up if you thought we’d say the Fiat 500? To be fair we very nearly have, however, to mix things up we’re opting to nominate Fiat’s sportier stablemate the Abarth 595C as our top pick for a city break. Additionally, with more potent power and an electric folding convertible roof, the 595C brings a fresh sense of fun to your city adventure.

With tiny dimensions and agile handling, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a parking spot that you can squeeze it into. Furthermore, with top-down motoring on offer, you can soak up the sights of your destination right from the comfort of your car.

There’s plenty of entertainment on offer too, for instance, you can curate a playlist for your time cruising the streets thanks to the advanced UConnect infotainment system which connects to your devices via Bluetooth.

Best Electric City Car

front aspect of Vauxhall Corsa-e

If you’re heading to London in your car, then you’ll have to consider the congestion charge. Luckily over the past year, the number of new electric vehicles has increased rapidly, so you have more choice than ever before. One of our favourites is the Vauxhall Corsa-e.

With the Corsa-e you can get all nostalgic about once again being behind the wheel of the iconic Corsa model (who didn’t learn to drive in one or have one as a first car) while benefitting from the latest innovations.

With an impressive 209-mile range, you’ll probably manage a few days in the city without having to top up. Plus as the Corsa-e is compatible with fast chargers, found at plenty of service stations, you can quickly top-up once you’re back on the motorway heading home. For instance, 0-80% charge using a fast charger will take just 30 minutes, which is just about long enough to grab a bite to eat.

The battery doesn’t compromise on space either, so there’s room for passengers as well as a handy 309-litre boot capacity for everyone’s luggage.

Best Electric Car for Adventures

best car for a staycation - side view of Kia e-Niro

We get it, you love nature, so understandably you want to do your bit to protect it. Fortunately, as manufacturers race to release newer electric models with better electric range, emission-free adventures are becoming increasingly more capable.

For a fully electric model capable of taking you wherever you choose to go, we rate the Kia e-Niro our number one choice, because of its impressive 282-mile range (approximately the distance between London and Newcastle). It has also won praise for its agile handling with responsive steering and stable grip through corners, making it more fun than on B roads than many other electric cars currently available.

As to be expected the e-Niro is compatible with fast chargers found at most motorway service stations now. So you can top-up while making a quick lunch stop. However, the real plus for the more adventurous is that the Kia e-Niro offers a 415-litre boot capacity so you have plenty of space to pack all your camping essentials.

Your Favourite Staycation Car

We hope this article has given you some food for thought if you are looking for the best car for a staycation. We’d love to hear from you if you’re planning a UK road trip this year. Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to tell us what car you’ll be driving.

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