Shady business? What does car colour say about a driver?

By: Andy Newbound

Go-getter red, self-assured orange or intelligent blue. What car colour are you?

When it comes to choosing your next car, there are many factors to consider. Which brand? How many doors? Engine size and fuel type…safety components…luggage space…mpg and emissions…price. The list goes on and on.

Yet there is perhaps one choice which says more about you than any other – the colour. You might think colour simply reflects personal taste, yet various studies reveal the car colour we choose exposes more about us to the world than we might think, or even want.

Many of us might have always suspected that car colour reflects certain personality types. The media certainly thinks this is true of van drivers, with the now legendary White Van Man blamed for everything from traffic congestion and road rage, to global warming and rising sea levels.

But how accurate are these assumptions? Can you identify the personality or behaviour of a car driver just from the colour of the car they drive? Let’s take a look at some of the research findings, then you decide.


White is Britain’s most popular car colour. Apparently, owners of white cars believe they have natural style and elegance, and strive to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. These are people you can trust. They have high standards and are difficult to please, but they have impeccable taste (I have to say that…Stoneacre’s big boss drives a white car!)

In the driving seat: High standards. Trustworthy. Tasteful. Demanding.


Hmmm, perhaps now we understand why many of the large luxury cars we see cruising the fast lanes of our motorways are black. This is the colour of empowerment and control. These drivers love classic elegance and want to create a strong and powerful impression. Black says you’re important and sophisticated, without being showy. And you’re not easily manipulated. So if you want a driver who’s going to let you out in traffic, perhaps look elsewhere?

In the driving seat: Powerful. In-charge. Sophisticated. Forthright.


When it comes to making a statement, nothing screams ‘prestige’ quite like a silver car. These drivers often see themselves as high-status individuals and they’re not afraid to show it. They also want to look cool, in a way that communicates their good taste, sophistication and business-savvy achievements. Don’t expect to find these drivers dawdling in life’s (or the motorway’s) slow lanes; these guys are busy, hard-working people with little time to spare. They’re going places…usually quite quickly!

In the driving seat: Successful. Cool. Smart. Ambitious.


Does it really come as a huge shock to read that drivers of red cars like to be noticed? That’s quite like asking if fish swim, or birds fly, right? So it won’t be much of a surprise to learn they’re often extroverted and fun too; a real outgoing, high-energy personality who likes to be the centre of attention. But don’t under-estimate them. Red car drivers can be ambitions and power-hungry go-getters, with fierce determination. So if they have their eyes set on that last supermarket car-parking space, don’t get in their way!

In the driving seat: Extrovert. Fun. Go-getter. Determined.


In many ways, grey is the opposite of red. It’s quite a neutral colour that can easily slip under the car-spotter’s radar. Perhaps that’s why some drivers of grey cars see little need to be flashy or to stand out. They’re happier blending into the background, where they can make practical and detailed lists, think things through and get things done with minimum fuss. You’re unlikely to find these drivers losing their cool in traffic, undercutting you, or kicking off with a bout of road rage. Grey says calm, compromise and maturity. Grey lets you safely pull out at a junction.

In the driving seat: Practical. Calm. Mature. Organised.


When it comes to car colours, blue has a bit of a split personality. There are so many different shades available; light blue, dark blue, slate blue, sky blue, royal blue…all with their own meanings. We can’t possibly cover them all, so for the purposes of this blog, we’ve looked at dark blue.

In many ways, this is a notch up for drivers of black cars: the next level. If black cars are driven by thrusting senior executives, dark blue cars belong to the CEO or a director. These drivers are confident, credible and unshakable, with a level of serene wisdom only experience can bring.  You can trust them too; if they flash you into a gap you can be sure they’ve already checked for oncoming traffic.

In the driving seat: Confident. Assured. Intelligent. Credible.


Some say orange is the new red (or should that be the new black?) Either way, they’re wrong. Orange is…well…just orange. And it’s comfortable being orange too. In fact, it doesn’t want to be any other colour. You see, orange drivers tend to be unique and creative people. They like swimming against the tide too, so those one way signs could be more of a suggestion than an instruction. And they love the fact that orange is one of the least popular car colours. That’s why they chose it. So there!!

In the driving seat: Individual. Creative. Self-assured. Distinct.


Boring brown? No way! Brown tells you the driver is a complex individual, with a strong sense of individuality and powerful ambitions. They often possess the same drive and status as drivers of black cars, but they want to be more unique and stand out from the crowd by being different. These are elegant, stylish and glamourous people who don’t need to shout it from the fast-lane. And if you think these are push overs in the drive-thru gridlock, think again; they’ll fight tooth and nail to get to that order window first.

In the driving seat: Driven. Stylish. Strong. Successful.


Nothing says ‘happiness’ quite like a yellow car. It’s impossible to miss, and the drivers have a lot to live up to; driving a yellow car is like wearing a giant badge that screams ‘JOY!!’ So it’s no surprise that the majority of these drivers are positive people. Their sunny disposition can brighten any traffic jam and their personal motto could easily be ‘…don’t worry, be happy.’ They also have a great sense of humour, a strong imagination and they’re often successful, in an understated way. They’d rather be joyful than boastful.

In the driving seat: Positive. Happy. Creative. Successful.


Perhaps the least popular of all car colours, green nonetheless makes a strong statement about its drivers. Those behind the wheel tend to be independent thinkers and people you can genuinely trust. They value tradition and often lead an uncomplicated and well-balanced life that is less concerned with trends or fashion, and more connected to nature. Often gentle and patient, green car drivers are unlikely to block your route by double parking, or tailgate you on the motorway.

In the driving seat: Independent. Trustworthy. Uncomplicated. Patient.

So, what does your car and its colour say about you? Or your partner, a colleague, even your boss? Next time you’re out and about on the roads, study the cars and drivers around you. Then get in touch and let us know if the research and our descriptions are accurate.

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