All you need to know about affordable Bond cars

By: Andy Newbound

Top 10 affordable (ish) Bond cars

Ardent fans of James Bond don’t need reminding that 007’s preferred mode of spy-catching transport is the iconic Aston Martin; often a heavily armed, gadget-tastic DB5. And who wouldn’t love to get behind the wheel of an Aston Martin?

For most of us this will likely remain an unfulfilled dream, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t still bag yourself a 100% genuine Bond car. All 007 movies are filled with a support cast of everyday cars, many of which you can find for affordable prices. To see for yourself, take a look at our Top 10 list of affordable (ish) Bond Cars:

Jeep Cherokee – Tomorrow Never Dies

The first of our affordable Bond cars is the 1997 XJ Cherokee. Regarded by many as original ‘grand-daddy’ of today’s SUV, the XJ Cherokee can be seen in the film Tomorrow Never Dies . It appears in front of the character Chinese Agent Wai Lin’s hideout.

During its 18 year lifespan, almost 3 million Cherokees were manufactured. This is a robust vehicle, popular with Police and security forces the world over, and one of the best ‘utility’ 4x4s ever made. 1997 models can still be picked up today for very reasonable prices.

Ford Mondeo ST – Casino Royale

Breaking with Bond-movie tradition, Casino Royale opens with 007 sitting behind the wheel of a Ford Mondeo ST, not his stalwart Aston Martin. An MI6 hire car, the silver/blue 2.5lt Mondeo featured on the movie was the first of that particular model ever made: It was hand-manufactured in Germany especially for the film and shipped to the set in 2006, a full year before the model was launched.

The Ford Mondeo is one of the UK’s most popular cars and hundreds of 2006 ST models are still happily cruising our roads today. Look hard enough and you might even find one in the same ‘Bond’ blue. Alternatively, check out the range of up-to-date Mondeos at Stoneacre branches in Cleckheaton , Doncaster , Goole , Halifax , Scarborough , Thirsk and York .

Range Rover Sport – Quantum of Solace

The 2008 bond movie Quantum of Solace actually features two different Range Rover Sport models, although 007 himself only drives one. That honour is reserved for a grey model Sport HSE which Bond uses to drive into the Bolivian desert with Camille. He eventually exchanges the car for a plane – fair swap!

There are some incredible ‘grey’ models from the ‘Quantum’ period still available today, many in fantastic condition. Of course, if you have deep pockets, you could always pick up a current model. Check out Stoneacre Specialist for availability.

Volvo S40 – Quantum of Solace

Sticking with the 2008 movie Quantum of Solace , Bond is seen driving the significantly more accessible Volvo S40 T5 model. This is a metallic titanium grey rental car, and makes a fleeting appearance as it is driven by Bond through the Austrian town of Feldkirch.

Volvo manufactured the S40 until 2012 and lots of high-quality used models are readily available. Alternatively, for something from Volvo’s latest new car collection, check out our range at our specialist Volvo branches in Chesterfield , Grimsby and Lincoln .

Rover 800 – Living Daylights

We’re going back in time now, to the 1987 Timothy Dalton movie, Living Daylights . A black Rover 800 makes an albeit fleeting appearance as part of an emergency response convoy. This was one of a number of high-profile PR appearances, designed to raise the ‘Rover’ brand’s profile.

The 800 model was Rover’s top-of-the-range car; created specifically to restore the British manufacturer as a maker of desirable, executive cars. Did it succeed? Well, the fact that the Rover brand is no longer in production perhaps answers that question. An ever-reducing number are still available to buy, and these tend to be bargain-priced collectors’ cars.

Vauxhall Omega – Tomorrow Never Dies

The tank-sized Vauxhall Omega makes a brief appearance as a government car in Pierce Brosnan’s 1997 Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies . We haven’t been able to find too any details about the car itself. However, as its appearance was as a government car, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume it was either black, or grey. Then again, it might have been silver.  Or maybe dark blue, or green.

Although Vauxhall stopped producing the Omega back in 2002, some still survive today and you can pick one up for just few hundred pounds. Now, that really is Bond on a budget!

VW Beetle – Quantum of Solace

Back once again to the Quantum of Solace . This film seems to contain a genuine cavalcade of different vehicles, and the main heroine Camille slips behind the wheel of an old-school VW Beetle to collect 007 from his hotel. A similar VW Beetle also appeared in perhaps the most famous of all Bond Films, Octopussy.

The last version of the original VW Beetle rolled off the Mexican production line in 2003 (more than 70 years after the first), yet these iconic cars are still available to buy today. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a bargain. Otherwise, you’ll have to cough up a pretty penny for a fully restored or mint condition collector’s car.

Audi A5 – Skyfall

As far as Bond cars are concerned, nothing could ever replace the iconic Aston Martin (although in the books, Bond himself always owned a Bentley!!) Yet there is a new kid on the block that refuses to be ignored. Audi! As a badge of achievement, it’s up there challenging the long established brands.

Recognising this in the 2012 movie Skyfall , Bond’s producers feature a black Audi A5 3.0 V6 TDI Quattro in the dramatic opening chase sequence. The movie’s villains are driving the Audi, desperately trying to escape the film’s heroine Eva, as she pursues them in a Land Rover through the streets of Turkish town, Adana. Five years on, the Audi A5 is still turning heads and if you’re prepared to splash some cash, you can get your hands on the keys to a used and new model quite readily.

BMW Z8 – The world is not enough

Bond has a new toy in the 1998 movie, The World is Not Enough . Taking a temporary sabbatical from his usual Aston Martin, boffin Q supplies 007 with an tooled-up BMW Z8 roadster. Equipped with titanium plating, ground to air missiles, infra-red tracking and cup holders, the BMW briefly threatens to give Bond’s previous cars a real run for their money. At least until it is sliced in half by a huge helicopter-saw.  Well, it is a Bond movie!!!

Sadly, the BMW Z8 didn’t last much longer in real life as it only had a production run lasting between 1999 and 2003. Still, it’s an eye-catching modern classic and if you’re lucky, you can still pick up a decent version, with cup holders! Although it might be cheaper to buy a beautiful Aston Martin .

Ford Ka – Quantum of Solace

It’s not unusual to see several Fords cruising the streets of 007 movies; Bond producers struck a ‘product placement’ deal with Ford. This perhaps helps to explain why Quantum of Solace heroine Camille drives around in a metallic gold Ford Ka.

For those wanting to get their hands on the ultimate budget bond car, the Ford Ka is perhaps the easiest entry point. It’s an extremely popular car and is still being manufactured in its current guise by Ford today. Check out the latest new and used models at Stoneacre branches in Cleckheaton , Doncaster , Goole , Halifax , Scarborough , Thirsk and York .

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