Celebrity first cars. Who drove what?

By: Andy Newbound

Celebrity first cars.

When it comes to car ownership, we all have to start somewhere. That includes some of the world’s most famous celebs. To give you something interesting to chat about over coffee and cake, we’ve tracked down some of today’s best known A-Listers (oh, and someone called Jeremy Clarkson) and found out what their first ever set of wheels looked like. Some of their choices might surprise you…

Just in case you’re even the slightest bit interested, my first car was a 1988 bile-green Vauxhall Nova (yes, it was indeed the colour of stomach bile). Its growling 1lt engine gave three-wheeled Reliant Robins a real run for their money – unless we were travelling up hill - and the car was so damp that it actually had a dandelion growing from a hinge in the front door. However, I loved that car. Honest, I did. Anyway, onto someone just a touch more famous than me…


Unlike this blogger, the mega-talented Taylor Swift didn’t have to scrimp and save to buy her first car. And it certainly wasn’t the colour of digestion fluid. Instead, Miss Swift’s generous record company rewarded her song-selling success by stumping up on her 18th birthday for a brand new, bright pink Chevrolet Silverado. Pity, because what she really wanted was a bile-green, 1988 Nova.


Despite their fame and fortune, some celebs have it tough. Miley Cyrus isn’t one of them. Already a TV megastar by the time she was 16 (thanks to the syrupy-sweet Hannah Montana show), and daughter of Achy-Breaky country music royalty Billy Ray Cyrus, the delightfully demure Miley was given a brand new Porsche Cayenne. Good to see her success, and the Porsche, didn’t go to her head.


No silver spoon or instant success for the recently un-Brangelinaed Brad Pitt. In his pre-heartthrob days, young Mr Pitt had to make do with borrowing his mum and dad’s Buick Centurion. It makes you wonder how he ever survived without a Porsche. Poor lad. Didn’t seem to do him much harm though – he travels mostly by private jet these days.


Think of the ever-flamboyant but eternally media shy Kim Kardashian and what’s the first car that springs to mind. Yellow Lamborghini? Polka-dot Ferrari? Mult-coloured Maserati? Me too, so imagine my surprise and disappointment to learn that Kim’s first car was a comparatively sober BMW 3 Series. Nothing wrong with a BMW, of course, it’s just that this blogger expected something a little more…well…stand out from our Queen of the Kardashians.


I’m not sure the German behemoth VM will be asking the firework-tastic Katy Perry to help with their brand marketing any time soon. When asked about her first car, Katy admitted that she had a black VW Jetta. When asked what she thought of it, she diplomatically told the interviewer she ‘…thought it was s**t.’ Classy, Katy! Can’t see VW going for a product placement deal in Katy’s next video.


Some celebs think big, start big, go big and stay big. You don’t get much bigger than the Titanic, or A-lister Leonardo Dicaprio. And young Leo’s first car was one of the biggest petrol-head must-haves in the world – an iconic 1969 Ford Mustang. Pity he said it was an unreliable death-trap, but hey…even famous movie stars can’t have it all.


Pop Star, movie star, dancer, shoe museum curator (apparently he owns a pair of every Nike Air Jordan trainers ever produced – don’t we all?) Is there anything Justin can’t do? He loves his cars as much as he loves his Nike Jordans, and his first four wheeler was an eye-catching Mercedes-Benz ML.


Imagine how shocked I was to learn that Ed Sheeran’s first car wasn’t made from Lego. Or Stickle Bricks for that matter. Ed acquired fame and fortune long before he got his hands on a driver’s licence, yet he isn’t one to splash out needlessly and bought a rather sensible MINI Cooper as soon as he could legally drive. Nice choice, Ed!


Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran are so similar. Actually, no they’re not. No understated MINI Cooper for the One Direction pretty-boy. Instead, Harry splashed out a cool £100,000 on an eye-popping Audi R8. Clearly, as the best-known member of the world’s most recognisable pop-band, Harry needed the kind of car that made him stand out. You know, in case his adoring fans confused him with somebody else.


Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian have a couple of things in common. They’re both female. (Yep, I’m nothing if not observant.) They’re both famous. They’re both incredibly wealthy. And they both have the same taste in first cars. Like Queen Kim, Nicki’s first car was a ‘beautiful’ 3 Series BMW.


He’s just stepped-down from his job as most powerful man in the world (so how come he never won the World’s Strongest Man title, huh?) Anyway, he’s used to being ferried around in armour-plated limousines, but believe it or not Barack’s first car was a humble Ford Granada. We’ve yet to find out what Donald Trump’s first car was. Perhaps something small and understated…like a Sherman Tank?


Before Jose Mourinho became ‘The Special One’ he was just an ordinary bloke from Portugal. During that time, he lived an ordinary life, did ordinary things and drove an ordinary car. His first was an unremarkable Renault 5. Now he lives in a swanky Manchester Hotel and is brand ambassador for Jaguar. Oh, how life changes.


He’s got his own range of underwear and clothing. He has his own aftershave. And he has his own army of adoring fans. He probably has his own fleet of luxury cars too. But back in the days when he was still learning his trade in Sir Alex Ferguson’s youth team, David Beckham was pootling around the streets of Moss Side in a simple Ford Escort.


Before Jeremy Clarkson forged a career blowing up cars, trashing caravans, punching producers and upsetting entire countries, he first slid behind the wheel of a Ford Cortina 1600E. He’s not the only member of his family to make a Ford their first car. Jeremy’s daughter drove a Fiesta.


See, I’ve always said me and good-looking, successful and sophisticated Johnny Depp have a lot in common. Now I have the proof. Ha-hah! Just like your humble blogger, Johnny Depp’s first ever car was…guess what…a NOVA. See! We’re almost twins. Okay, so his was a Chevvy Nova and mine a Vauxhall, but it still counts. Right?


Harry Potter doesn’t need a car. He’s got his broomstick, surely? Well, that’s what I used to think, until someone pointed out that Harry Potter is a fictional character and the actor Daniel Radcliffe can’t do magic. Which perhaps explains why Daniel’s first car was a Fiat Grande Punto. And no, it couldn’t fly.


As world number one, Andy Murray has amassed a prize money pot approaching £50million (not bad for someone who has spent most of his career finishing second). There isn’t a car on the planet that Andy couldn’t own if he wanted. The Scottish boy from Dunblane has done good. But it’s taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to reach the summit of world Tennis. When he was a struggling young player, scratching his way around the ATP circuit, Andy trundled between tournaments in little VW Polo.


You’re boss of Facebook. You’re boss of the internet! So what car do you decide to buy first? Ferrari? Bentley? Bugatti? Nah, a Subaru Forester of course. I wonder how many ‘likes’ that would earn on Mr Zuckenberg’s Facebook page.


These days, TV tough-guy Danny Dyer cruises the streets of London Town in a shiny new Porsche Cayenne. Very intimidating! Before he’d earned his ‘scary’ stripes though, Danny drove around in a not-so-tough looking Ford Fiesta. Great for getting around, not so great for the street cred, Danny.

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