Italian Police boast ultimate speed deterrent

By: Andy Newbound

No such thing as a quick getaway from Italian police force

Italian speed demons, boy racers and maybe even Sicilian crime-lord getaway drivers better think twice next time they feel the need to break the speed limit. There’s little chance they’ll be able to out run the latest vehicle driven by Italian Police.

Highway Patrol officers in Bologna have recently taken delivery of a brand new Police car – a 202mph Lamborghini Huracan.

Donated my Lamborghini itself and wearing specially adapted official blue and white livery of the Italian Police, the V10 610bhp supercar will give pedal-happy drivers little chance of escaping in any high-speed chase.

This isn’t the first Lamborghini to aid Italian Police; manufacturers Lamborghini donated another car in 2015 and this has been in use ever since.The latest version won’t just be used for traffic duties, as a Lamborghini spokesperson explained; ‘An essential task of the Huracan Polizia is to provide medical assistance, so the luggage compartment at the front of the vehicle hosts a special refrigeration system.’

The adaptations will enable the Huracan Polizia to transport blood and organs at high speed, helping to save lives. Lamborghini have also fitted the car with its own defibrillator, so it can respond to medical emergencies too.

Of course, it isn’t only the Bologna Highway Patrol who have an advantage over speeding motorists. In 2014, Britain’s Avon and Somerset Police Force took delivery of a 155mph Ariel Atom; capable of reaching 0-62mph in less than three seconds.

Unlike their Italian counterparts, however, Avon and Somerset Bobbies are unable to use their vehicles for day to day Police work. For that, they have to make do with an equally pumped-up and slightly more luxurious Jaguar XF.

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