7 Driving Test Changes You Need To Know About

By: Alex Hodgson

The cars we drive and our driving habits are constantly changing, but for a long time, the Driving Test itself hasn’t. But that’s about to change - it is modernising, and here’s what you can expect on December 4th, 2017 when the alterations arrive.

- The driving examiner will provide you with a sat-nav which you will have to follow, proving you can follow the instructions while maintaining driving ability, although one in five tests will not use a sat-nav so you will still have to follow road signs. If you go the wrong way whilst taking directions from the navigation system, you will not be penalised - as long as you do not make a mistake whilst doing so.

- The requirement to reverse around a corner is being made redundant - but you should still be taught how to do this by your instructor in case it is needed when out on the roads. The same applies to the three-point turn, which is also being scrapped .

- Instead of the lesser-used manoeuvres mentioned above, you will have to show how you can perform one of the more common reversing manoeuvres which include driving into and out of a parking bay (backwards or forwards) and parallel parking.

- The amount of independent driving is increasing from 10 minutes to 20 so the examiner can see how competent you are using your own driving initiative.

- The examiner will ask you to answer two questions on the safety of your vehicle . For example, how to check tyre pressure or where to find your oil dipstick. You shall also be required to show that you know how to use car controls such as the heated windscreen.

Granted it is a little while until these changes come into place, but if you’re not practising the aforementioned points it may be an idea to mention them to your instructor, in case passing your test takes a bit longer than expected.

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