Finding the Face of Stoneacre

Charlotte Stevens

By: Charlotte Stevens

Join us on our quest to find the Face of Stoneacre!

Putting yourself in front of a film camera is no mean feat, but this is the task facing 20 of our current employees! The budding presenters have put themselves forward to be the ‘Face of Stoneacre’ for our in-house promotional and product videos. This role was only open to current employees of Stoneacre; the deadline for applications has now passed and all entrants have been allocated their audition time.

The Auditions

Auditions will take place at Stoneacre Head Office on Thursday 22nd March 2018, where candidates will be asked to introduce themselves to camera and perform the pre-determined script. Auditions will be performed in front of Shaun Foweather - Managing Director, Camille Johnson - Director, PAB Studios and David Ward - Stoneacre Videographer. The audition tapes will then be watched back and afterwards we will announce who will be the new ‘Face of Stoneacre!’

The Run Up

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On the Day

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