Coming This December - The Stunning SEAT Arona

Alice Nicolson

By: Alice Nicolson

If you love the SEAT Ibiza but you need more space, you’re going to LOVE the brand new SEAT Arona. The Arona is one of the 20 cars SEAT is set to release within the next three years and the second SUV to be released in 2017. The SEAT Ateca, the Arona’s big brother, has had so much success, it’s exciting to see how the smaller SUV will do in the competitive market.

This new SEAT Arona is a stunning city crossover, combining the style of a supermini with the practicality of an SUV. You can express yourself with all the customisable options and it keeps you up-to-date with all the latest technology. Set to be released in December 2017, you could be driving around in one of these in no time!

Express your personality

One of the best things about getting a city car or a supermini is the huge amount of personalisation options, but sometimes you don’t get that with larger vehicles. Also, sometimes if you have a bigger car, it’s more difficult manoeuvre busy city streets. That’s all about to change.

The SEAT Arona has a customisable roof with 10 different colours, but better yet, there are a whopping 68 different colour combinations. The body is designed for urban driving, making city streets a doddle. So, if you want to stand out and express yourself around the city, this is the car for you.

Inside, the interior is similar to the SEAT Ibiza. You get an 8-inch touchscreen centre console with a wireless phone charger, so you’re always connected to your favourite types of entertainment and the outside world. The cabin is slightly wider, so you get more space to relax. Many features, like the fabrics and colours, are exclusive to the Arona, so you get a sophisticated atmosphere which isn’t already on the roads.

Keeping you safe and connected

Staying connected when you’re driving can mean the difference between a slight inconvenience and a complete disaster. In this day and age, we can’t go without it. If that’s one of your main priorities, you won’t be disappointed with the SEAT Arona. It’s home to all the latest technologies to keep you safe, connected and entertained.

Our phones are pretty much an extension of our arms. They reflect our personality and tastes, just like our cars. That’s why the easier it is to connect your phone to your car the better! The SEAT Arona has Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Mirror Link. As soon as you step into your car, your phone is easy to access without taking your attention away from the road.

With more cars on the road every year, there’s never been a better time for the outstanding safety features. This small SUV has you and your family in mind. You get the option to have Multi-Collision braking, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Traffic Alert and Lane Keep assist, giving you a helping hand when you need it the most


Making your life easier and more unique

Having a practical car can make all the difference when you have a busy life. The kids, hobbies and a hectic schedule can quickly make things seem out of control. When you get a car that matches your life, everything gets easier. That’s why SEAT has pulled out all the stops, so you can look good and feel good at the same time.

The SEAT Arona is set to be one of the most practical cars in its class. You’ll have loads of head and leg room and the spacious rear means getting a car seat in and out is easy. When you’re in the driver’s seat, the high seating position gives you great visibility, meaning you can see all your surroundings.

There’s a decent choice of engines to suit your driving habits and requirements. Pairing your personal needs to the SEAT Arona is as easy as 1-2-3.

Sounds good, right? Enquire today and get the ball rolling!

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