Hold onto your hats! It's the NEW Honda Civic Type R

Alice Nicolson

By: Alice Nicolson

Wanting a car that performs on the track but is practical enough for everyday use might sound like a tall order, but that’s exactly what the Honda Civic Type R does. If it’s your goal to put your foot down and look great while you’re doing it, you can’t do it any better than in the Type R.

The Honda Civic Type R hit the roads in 1997. Since then, we’ve had four entirely different Type Rs on our roads, all bringing different energy and rivalry to other cars in its class. This will be the fifth generation and most innovative yet. We’re sure this brand new design will blow you away.

With a truly addictive drive, unequivocal power, and all the latest tech, this is a serious contender for the hot-hatch sector.

Unbelievable Performance

If it’s performance you’re after, you’re in the right place. When it comes to the Type R, Honda has never been shy at showcasing its outstanding ability to create potent engines. This model has a 2.0-litre V-Tec Turbo which produces an impressive 320ps (316bhp) and goes from 0-62mph in just 5.7 seconds.

This model is lighter than its predecessor which means the outstanding speed and performance is even more engaging. Three driving modes, meanwhile, mean you can truly personalise your drive. You get to choose from Sport, Comfort and +R, so it doesn’t really matter what mood you’re in, there’s a mode for everyone.

Comfort mode will suit most drivers on the road, while Sport mode is perfect for a bit of spirited driving on those open b-roads. The +R mode puts the Civic Type R at its most engaging and offers a track-focused setting for a day of pure driving.

It doesn’t stop there, either, with even more improvements when it comes to design and technology.

Unique Design

The Honda Civic Type R dates back to 1997.  Since the very beginning, it’s been praised for its potency and unique looks. This time is no different. This fifth-generation model stands out as much as before. Although there are no compromises, there have been a few changes you should know about.

The driver sits slightly lower in this model, giving the car an even sportier feel and a more engaging drive. Elsewhere you’ll find a triple exhaust unit at the rear and, while most will see this as an aesthetic decision, it’s actually a clever implementation that helps keep the noise to a tolerable level at motorway speeds.

We know power is important, but there’s even more to the Type R than that. You get a choice of six different exterior colours, 20-inch alloy wheels, and class leading interior space.

Up-to-date Technology

In this day and age, we all want to keep connected, with each other and our devices. So when you get a brand new car, you need to make sure it can keep up. The Honda Civic Type R won’t disappoint. You get Bluetooth or USB connection and you can transfer your phones interface with ApplePlay or AndroidAuto, all mounted onto a 7inch touch screen for your convenience.

Depending on which specification you choose (standard or GT), you get a huge amount of systems to help you make your life easier. These include:

• Blind Spot Information
• Cross Traffic Monitor
• Wireless Charging
• Parking Sensors
• Duel Zone Climate Control
• Honda CONNECT with Garmin

If you want to turn heads on the road and enjoy one of the most visceral hot hatch experiences, you should definitely check out the new Honda Civic Type R!


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