Back to the future? The DeLorean is coming back

Alice Nicolson

By: Alice Nicolson

That’s right, the Delorean, the car featured in the Back to the Future film trilogy is going back into production for the first time in 33 years!

The now-infamous car was originally made by the DeLorean Motor Company in Northern Ireland in between 1981 and 1983. Only 9,000 cars were made and it is believed that only 6,500 still exist.

The DeLorean Motor Company acquired what was left of the original manufacturer 30 years ago, and has been focusing on repairing and restoring the old vehicles around the world. Now, under a new legislation, the company are able to build new vehicles, and a new model will be unveiled in 2017, complete with a crate engine from an outside supplier.

The new law exempts small volume car manufacturers from the safety requirements that larger companies have to abide by. The law only applies to replica cars, though, which means any car that resembles a car from at least 24 years ago.

The reason the company is outsourcing its engines it because it will allow the cars to meet the current emissions requirements and it will add some extra horsepower to the vehicle, as the cars were not as powerful in reality as they were in the popular time-travel movies.

Once plans are finalised and agreed upon, DeLorean expects production to begin in the first quarter or 2017, with up to 325 vehicles being built each year.

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