Thirty-five million drivers would like the tax disc to return

Andy Newbound

By: Andy Newbound

Over 35 million drivers would like the tax disc to return, a recent study has shown.

A group of 1,237 people were asked if they wanted to see the tax disc return and 81 per cent said they did. If this were to be applied to the 45 million motorists in the UK this would amount for 35 million people.

The research carried out by a motoring group also found that one million drivers are currently on the road without valid tax. Back in December 2015 we informed you that the number of drivers avoiding paying their car tax has risen after the abolishment of car tax discs. The Department of Transport found that around 560,000 UK drivers are currently evading tax, and this number is expected to continue increasing.

In October 2014 the physical tax disc scheme was ended as it was moved to an online process. The tax disc had been in use since 1921 and since then 1.7 billion tax discs had been issued to motorists.

According to the Department of Transport, the government has lost 45 million in revenue, six times the amount saved by removing the requirement of the paper disc. An online database currently keeps track of who has paid their car tax, and those who do not pay on time face a charge of £1,000 though this does not seem to be deterring the current volume of motorists who are avoiding paying.

A spokesperson for the DVLA said: “The vast majority of people tax their cars on time, with over 42.5 million drivers taxing their vehicles since 1 October 2014.

“We believe that the digital system is working well and that more than 29 million have chosen to tax their vehicles online or by phone.

“We write to every single registered vehicle keeper in the UK to remind them when their tax is due and we have introduced a range of measures to make vehicle tax easy to pay. At the same time we are taking action against those who are determined to break the law.”

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