Five Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a New Car

Andy Newbound

By: Andy Newbound

If you’re going through the process of looking for a new car, there are many things that you are probably considering. Should I go for a new or a used car? How much should I spend? What colour should it be??

Finding your perfect car is a process that should not be rushed. By taking the time and asking yourself some questions beforehand, you can ensure you make the right decision.

So, here are five important questions to ask yourself before you buy a new car.

1. What can I afford?

So you’ve decided you need a new car. Maybe you’ve just passed your test and you are on the search for your first car. Maybe you’ve been driving for decades and you want an upgrade. No matter why you need a car, the first thing you should consider is how much you can afford to spend.

Sit down and make a budget, remembering to factor in extras such as tax, insurance and fuel costs. Look at your current outgoings and see what you can realistically afford and decide on your upper spending limit. Then, when looking for a new car, stick to this budget!

2. What is the car for?

What kind of car are you looking for? Are you looking for a luxury car, or a family car? If it’s your first car, would a hatchback be the most suitable car for your needs?

If you will be predominately using your car to drive to work, pick up the children and to do the weekly shop, then a luxury car isn’t practical, however attractive they may appear. If you have a large family, you will need a larger car, and if you have a pet, will they fit in the car? If you are realistic about how you will use your car you can rule out any ill-suited vehicles.

3. Should I go for a new car or a used car?

This question is probably the hardest to answer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both new and used cars and it really depends on your personal circumstances. Used cars are much cheaper than new cars so if you don’t have much to spend this might be the best option for you. Bear in mind, though, that used cars can end up costing you more in repairs. New cars are the best option for most people, particularly when bought on finance. For example, some options offer a low deposit and low monthly payments spread over a number of months, making a new car more affordable. New cars are much less likely to need costly repairs and are therefore more economical in the long run, but you will be tied down to a contract.

4. Do I need any extra features?

Today there is a vast array of extra features available. From new colours to the latest in-car electronics to disability features, every new car can be customised to your individual needs. Advanced technology and safety features are a great addition to any car, but make sure you only choose the extra features you actually need.

5. Have I shopped around?

Once you have settled on your budget, your requirements, your desired features and what kind of car you actually like, it’s time to start looking! Take your time when searching for your new car, as along with being practical, your car should make you happy. Shop around for deals and see what is available.

Good luck!

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