How to entertain the kids on a long journey

Andy Newbound

By: Andy Newbound

Travelling with children can be a nightmare. As time goes by a lot slower for children, a couple of hours in the car can seem like a lifetime for them; leaving them with plenty of time to get bored and restless!

If you’re planning on travelling to see family this Christmas, or if you’re going away over the holidays, it’s best to have some activities planned for the journey. An entertained child is a happy child, so here are some ideas for entertaining the kids on a long journey.

Bring snacks

Ah, snacks, everyone loves a snack on a long journey. More importantly, though, snacks are important in case your children get hungry and restless. To ensure you ward off any hungry tantrums, pack some healthy treats and drinks to keep the family satisfied.

Audio books

A children-friendly audio book could entertain your kids for hours. Pick one of their favourite stories or a well-known children’s character to do all of your entertaining for you! The only downside to using an audio book is that you’ll have to listen to it, too.

Travel games

You can buy cheap travel versions of many games, such as Connect 4, Chess, Draughts, Battleship and pretty much any other board game that can be simplified.

Activity books/colouring books

Bring a couple of activity books, colouring books and some colouring pencils and you will have a peaceful journey (as long as you don’t forget snacks). Don’t forget a good old fashioned story book if your children like to read, too.

Watch a film

If you have a portable DVD player, a tablet or a small laptop, bring a film for the children to watch. One film could last the whole journey and they could also use a tablet to play games.

Play some car games

Remember spot the license plate? I Spy? These games are simple ways to pass the time and encourage your children to use their imaginations. Some other car games you could play are word association and twenty questions.

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