Five ways to make your car pet-friendly

Alice Nicolson

By: Alice Nicolson

Your pet’s opinion may not be your biggest priority when choosing a car, but if you want to drive your pet around in peace, there are a few things you should do to ensure your car is comfortable for your animal.

Take a look at our guide, full of top tips to making your car pet-friendly.

A low bumper height

If you have a dog, it will find your car much easier to get in and out of if it has a low bumper height. A low bumper is also useful if you have a cat as you will have to pick the box up every time you travel with it.

A flat load floor

Cats are much happier on the floor when driving in a car, so if you have a flat load floor this would be ideal. A flat load floor is created when all of your seats have been folded down so that they are completely flat. If you have a large dog you may need to carry them in a large crate, so you need to have room in your car to do this.

A passive lock system

If you constantly have to fumble for your keys you can’t properly keep an eye on your pet, and excited dogs may end up scratching the paintwork. Instead, have a passive lock system that automatically unlocks the door as you come near it, and opens the trunk with a quick touch of a fob for ease of loading. If your hands are free to take care of your pet it will make travelling with them a lot easier.

Storage space and ties, hooks to keep crates in place

If you are carrying your pet in a crate it should be tied down so it cannot move around the car, so some hooks and hook ties will ensure it is secure. You will also need enough storage space for things like leashes, toys, food, etc

Air bags

To fully protect your pet while driving you should invest in side curtain airbags, which will prevent your animal from being hurt in the event of an accident.

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