11 safety tips for driving on Halloween

Andy Newbound

By: Andy Newbound

According to the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety, October 31 is the deadliest night of the year for pedestrians. The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that kids are four times more likely to be involved in a car accident on Halloween than on any other day of the year.

With treats galore and exciting costumes, Halloween can be an exciting time for kids. Unfortunately when kids are enjoying themselves they might not consider the road safety rules. These are the eleven safety tips every motorist should consider when driving on Halloween night.

Drive five miles below the posted speed limit between 6pm and 9pm in residential areas

You should slow down between 6pm and 9pm in residential areas as these are the most popular times for trick or treating. The slower speed will give you extra time to react.

Turn on your car’s headlights to ensure your car is visible

Your car will be more visible even in daylight if you turn your headlights on ensuring pedestrians will see you more clearly.

Don’t use a phone while driving on Halloween night

You shouldn’t be using your phone behind the wheel anyway, but you will need to be completely concentrating on driving on Halloween.

Pay extra attention to pedestrians on the pavement, front gardens and around doorways

Kids and their accompanying adults will be using the pavements to navigate around the residential area, but kids are unpredictable so pay extra attention to them.

Make sure you communicate with other road users

Every motorist on Halloween should indicate when you are turning and use your hazard lights if you are stopping to let kids go trick or treating to warn other drivers.

Take extra care when passing stationary vehicles

Kids may be getting in or out of the car to go trick or treating so take extra care around stationary vehicles.

Concentrate when driving out of a driveway or turning on to roads

When you are driving out of a driveway or turning on to roads, you should try to make sure kids or adults are not crossing or ready to cross.

Watch out for kids wearing dark-coloured clothing as Halloween costumes

Dark clothing is synonymous with Halloween for example skeletons and witches, therefore kids may be less visible.

Drive in the centre of the road lane

Driving in the centre of the lane available to you will ensure there is a gap between the pavement and the car.

Watch out for kids darting in to the road

Excited children may not pay attention to the dangers of the road when they are trick or treating, consequently you should pay attention to kids that may run into the road without warning.

Plan your route

You should try to plan your driving route to ensure you go straight to your required destination, without getting lost.

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