6 Problems short drivers understand

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Short drivers often have problems driving cars. Whether you are attempting to reach the foot pedals or can’t see in front of you due to the sun visor being too high up, short drivers have it rough and these tips can help any short driver.

Reaching the pedals

For a short driver, the foot pedals can seem like a million miles away. Thankfully seats can usually be adjusted to be closer to the pedals. However, some car seats don’t adjust to be as close to the pedals as required leaving drivers on their tip toes. It can be really infuriating when another driver uses the car as it can take ages to find the right position for your seat and legs again.

Car adjustment problems

There are currently no EU rules on seating dimensions and some cars simply do not fit short drivers. Sometimes if the car seat is adjusted to the right position drivers can only see their feet or are left staring straight at the wheel. These are dangerous as in an accident situation; the driver may be hit by the airbag upon inflation. Other short drivers are provided with a view of the dashboard as opposed to the road.

Seeing over the dashboard

If you ever see a driver peering over the top of their dashboard, they are a short driver. Most modern cars have a height adjuster for your seat ensuring shorter drivers with short legs can reach the pedals and can see over the top of the dashboard. If your car doesn’t have a height adjuster, you can always try using a cushion to try to add some height. 

Closing the car boot

As a short driver, it is impossible to close the car boot if you allow it to go to full height. In fact, short drivers sometimes have to jump to grab hold of the car boot handle, which can be amusing for spectators but obviously isn’t for the drivers.

Sun visors don’t help

The sun visor doesn’t move down far enough to assist drivers attempting to view the road so instead short drivers have to either wear sunglasses or be temporarily blinded every time there is a bit of sun reflecting on the windscreen.

Everything is out of reach

No matter how close car manufacturers make the buttons to the wheel, short drivers still sometimes have problems reaching all of them. Buttons on the wheel can be life savers for short drivers ensuring they don’t have to struggle to change the radio station or song.

Best cars for short drivers

Kia Soul

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is the ideal car for a short driver looking for extra space. The Soul’s driver’s seat moves enough to accommodate a really short driver, including forwards as well as upwards. The Kia Soul also offers a low boot making it easier for short drivers to load luggage into the car.

Mazda 3

Mazda 3 car

Featuring a telescopic steering wheel, the Mazda 3 also offers great visibility as well as a height adjustable seat. The Mazda 3 is available as a fastback or hatchback.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Known as one of the safest super minis on the market, the Fiat 500 can provide an affordable car with a stylish finish. The small car has an easily adjustable front seat and provides all essential buttons within an arm’s reach. 

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