Tips on how to deal with road rage

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

If you suffer from road rage or have to deal with road rage from other drivers on a daily basis, these tips will get you through the day by helping you deal with your road rage.


Try to make sure you are calm and in a good mood before driving. If you need to, try to have a sit down before deciding to go in the car or simply take a few deep breaths before driving. You should ensure you have twenty minutes extra time in your commute, just in case you are delayed by traffic or road works.


If another driver suffers from road rage, you can simply stop and let them pass. Listening to your favourite station or turning to your favourite song can keep you getting distracted or enraged by another driver. Another way to avoid road rage when provoked by another driver is to simply focus on what relaxing things you are planning to do once you get home. You could also just ignore the road rage of the other driver by looking straight ahead and driving legally.

Perhaps instead of another person instigating the road rage, you might be misbehaving without even realising it sometimes. Possible signs that you might have road rage include tailgating, feeling angry towards other drivers and using non-verbal or verbal communication towards another driver.

If you are suffering from road rage behind the wheel, you could try using deep breathing tactics to start with to slow down your heart rate and therefore calm yourself down. If that doesn’t help, try keeping images of friends or family in your car within visual reach, but not distracting you while driving, so that you can look at it when you get angry and remind yourself of why you should stay calm.


After you have finished your commute or driving stint, try to look back over your drive to see if there was anything you experienced road rage about and see what you could have done differently. 

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