2015's Top Five Motoring April Fools Day Pranks

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

The month of April brings many occasions; the realisation that Easter is just around the corner, the New York Auto Show and a four-day weekend. It also graces us with the day in which brands across the globe aim to fool us with their elaborate stories of new partnerships, product launches and whacky happenings.

In what has become a PR field day, the automotive industry is no exception; in fact, they have full-on embraced April Fools Day for many years now, but 2015 has arguably been the best to date.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the five best motoring April Fools Day pranks of 2015, and here they are.

Lewis Hamilton Suspended Following ‘Fracas’ With Engineer

If Sebastian Vettel’s win for Ferrari over the weekend didn’t single-handedly give the world of Formula 1 a kick up the backside, the suspension of Lewis Hamilton by Mercedes-Benz AMG, as reported by WTF1, sure has. The news follows a reported ‘fracas’ with an engineer following the team’s decision to use hard compound tyres during the final stages of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

However, eagle-eyed fans soon spotted the date stamp on a tweet accompanying the article, which showed it was in fact recycled from a previous month - something that WTF1 appear to have fixed with Photoshop. So, all you Mercedes fans can rest easy, for now at least.

The Stig to be Sole Presenter of Top Gear

Following Jeremy Clarkson’s exit from Top Gear, there have been countless rumours as to the show’s future. Some suggested that Chris Evans would join the show, a rumour he was quick to play down, while others suggested that the popular BBC Two entertainment show would be axed all together.

However, according to Auto Evolution, it has now been confirmed that the Stig will be the new host, with one of the reasons behind the move being the fact he doesn’t talk and therefore no one will be offended by him. Checking in on the BBC Top Gear website, the full width photo of the gang has now been replaced by a photo of the Stig, giving a kind of credibility to the elaborate April Fools Day prank.

Fiat’s Flavoured 500

In what appears to be their first attempt at an April Fools Day prank, Fiat has unveiled a series of Flavoured 500s in partnership with confectionery manufacturer Jelly Belly. As the name might suggest, the brightly coloured models are coated with flavoured paint; in total there are five options to choose from - Grape, Blueberry, Tutti Frutti, Smooth Mint and Marshmallow – sadly there’s no Tropical Fruit or Strawberries and Cream.

Vauxhall Mobile Kebab Shop Taxi

Now the first three stories on our list are vaguely believable, but a taxi with a built-in Kebab shop? Vauxhall’s answer to the customary April Fools Day prank comes in the form of a converted Vivaro van, the ‘Taxi Kebabi’ as it has been named, offers the ultimate in post-pub food.

Despite the home-grown manufacturer’s announcement being nothing but a prank, there’s got to be mileage in this one, right?

Pot Noodle’s Air Freshener

In other April Fools Day news, Pot Noodle has released a new in-car air freshener that is to be made available in four mouth-watering scents. Perfect for those of us who just can’t get enough of that Pot Noodle aroma.

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