14 Annoying things passengers do in your car

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Although giving passengers a lift gives you a sense of fulfilment, passengers can also be very distracting and annoying. These are the 14 annoying things passengers do in your car. Remember to give this to your passenger before your next road trip…


Eating is arguably one of the most annoying things people can do in your car. Not only does it annoy drivers due to the crumbs, but it also annoys drivers because it can cause damage to the car’s upholstery. Plus, someone nomming on a packet of crisps in your left ear isn’t the most pleasant of sounds.

Playing with the radio

Whether you are playing with the volume, changing the station or changing the song on the MP3 player, you are annoying the driver. Others, meanwhile, leave us wanting to ask: for the love of God, please just leave one song on!

Constant toilet stops

Even if you are 10 minutes away from your destination, there is a passenger that will ask for a toilet stop.

Fiddling with temperature controls

Passengers play with the temperature controls in the car. This frustrates drivers as they usually have them set up to their own personal settings and the car’s advantage.

Distracting you from driving

Passengers should not attempt to take a photo of a driver while you are driving, show a driver something or get a driver to look in a different direction. Unless you want to end up in a tree, obviously.

Being a backseat driver

Passengers sometimes point out the most obvious things to drivers, from oncoming traffic to obstacles. The majority of drivers will probably have already seen or noticed what you have pointed out so it defeats the object; so just be quiet back there, OK?

Slamming doors

People slam car doors when they are getting in or out which can cause damage to your car. Also you may be annoying your drivers by touching the car’s paintwork or windows on entry or exit of the car.

Rubbish left behind

Littering or leaving rubbish in the car is an incredibly annoying trait. If you brought something in to the car with you, it should leave with you.

Continuously winding the window up and down

Some passengers, especially kids, roll up and down the windows continuously. Other passengers don’t understand one-time press window buttons that you don’t need to keep your finger on.

Messing up the car

You could have just washed the car the day before, but one passenger will have dirt on his or her hands or feet that will be left in or on your car by the end of the day. Even if the passengers don’t get your car dirty, there will be a lone pigeon somewhere. Just don’t park under a tree.

Putting feet on the car

Passengers should not put their feet up on any of the car’s upholstery or on the car’s dashboard. It not only distracts the driver but also infuriates him or her when your feet smell really bad.

Not offering expenses

If you are driven somewhere that your driver was already going or even if they are going that way, it’s seen as a nice gesture to offer petrol money. Passengers that don’t offer money may not be offered a lift again.

Giving scenic route directions

If you don’t know the directions to somewhere, don’t offer to direct the car or use the map. Also if you know a ‘scenic route’ don’t tell the driver to go your way rather than the way they know as if you can’t remember it all, you and the car will be lost.

Asking "are we nearly there yet?"

Although this is generally a children’s phrase, I have had a few adult passengers that have asked this as well. Passengers that don’t know how far away a destination is should check it on a map before getting in the car. 

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