The UK's 5 most dangerous roads

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

A recent survey by the Road Safety Foundation (RSF) has discovered that a 12 mile stretch of road in the south of the country is the most persistently dangerous in Britain, and states not enough has been done to improve the situation.

The report, titled ‘How Safe Are You on Britain’s Roads?’ has found that the A285 running between Chichester and Petworth in West Sussex is the most dangerous in the British Isles. Fatal and serious crashes have increased 16 percent on the road from 2007 to 2012.

The other four most ‘persistently dangerous’ roads in the UK are the A809 from the A811 into Glasgow and the A937 towards Angus, Montrose, also in Scotland. Just further down the UK the roads making up the top five are the A18 between Lacey and Ludbrough, a 10 mile stretch of road in Lincolnshire, and the A61 between Wakefield and the M1 within Yorkshire.

The report has stated that a ‘far-reaching intervention’ is needed on the A285 as current safety measurements aren’t sufficient to tackle the relentless problems on the road, whilst mentioning that there is 7 times more chance of serious injury or death on single-carriageway A-roads than on the motorways. It’s been said that 64 people are killed or injured on Britain’s roads every single day.

This all seems doom-and-gloom, but the report has highlighted that action taken by local councils to reduce fatal and serious collisions on our roads has been a success, using low-cost safety measures alongside road maintenance to reduce crashes by 80% on 15 stretches of Britain’s roads – saving the taxpayer approximately £400million.

The in-depth report also discovered that:

  • Risk of serious injury or death on Motorways and A-roads is lowest in the West Midlands, but surprisingly, highest next door in the East Midlands
  • Cars running off-road is responsible for a quarter of all deaths
  • There has been a 20% reduction in fatalities and serious collisions on our Motorways
  • Motorcyclists make up just 1% of traffic, but account for 21% of all fatal crashes
  • Crashes at junctions are the most common type of crash leading to serious injury

The full report from the Road Safety Foundation can be found HERE.


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