15 Brilliant Motoring GIF's

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

When I was younger I was always curious about GIFs, ‘Graphics Interchange Format’ files, not quite videos but not standard pictures either, how did they work? Although I understand them from a technical point of view now, they’re still intriguing and usually, quite entertaining. Here are some you just might enjoy looking at.

1. Ok, so this is probably from some unused footage from a high-budget Hollywood film, and it looks like it’s been sped up a little, but it still looks good from here. Brilliant, nimble parking from someone evading the police in this car chase!

2. Not quite sure what’s happening in this GIF, an eclectic mix consisting of a hooded individual losing it a little bit, and lots of tyre smoke! 


3.  A pristine Ferrari Enzo rip-roaring through some North Yorkshire mud, lovely. 

4. This driver 100% meant this…

5. Take a Lamborghini Gallardo at night, add flames. Good recipe.

6. Next, slightly airborne old style Mercs and BMW’s, 

7. It’s just not cricket, very un sportsman-like behaviour from this driver on the left!

8. Have you ever dodged a flying race-car? This bloke has, one word – Reflexes. 

9. Referring back to number 8, it seems this Belgian farmer did the same, but as you’d expect, with a little less fuss.  

10. The beauty of thermal imaging. 

11. The beauty of hanging from the underside of a what looks like a Catamaran and high-fiving race car drivers as they bullet past in excess of 80pmh!

12. Not sure what’s happening with this one, looks like a Lamborghini come disco ball flying down a street somewhere north of Dagenham.      

13. Another one dodging a high paced car, but this time intentionally. Good calves. 

14. No words needed for this one… 

15. Then, last but not least, a casually dressed Jean-Claude Van Damme perched, doing the splits on two moving Globetrotter lorries, we’re assuming, in Devonshire.

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