11 Struggles every nervous driver will understand

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

A recent study found that the most nervous drivers are in North East England and the least nervous are in Yorkshire and Humberside. Nervous drivers struggle with driving manoeuvres and are really anxious just simply driving. These are the eleven struggles of nervous drivers. 

Roundabout fear

Nervous drivers think of roundabouts as their nemesis. There are many reasons including perceived pressure from other drivers and having too much to do. Some of the busiest junctions in the world are roundabouts. At least drivers know that no matter how badly their roundabout driving goes, a boulder probably won’t fall on them. 

Night-time driving

Many nervous motorists hate driving at night time. To be honest, there are good reasons why nervous drivers fear the dark. Reduced visibility, fatigue, drunk drivers and vulnerable road users mean that driving at night is more dangerous. In fact 40% of collisions occur at night according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents road casualty statistics.

Traffic jams

Traffic jams mean scary clutch control and other cars in very close proximity to nervous drivers. Nervous drivers freak out when traffic builds up as the disastrous stall could occur right at the wrong moment.


Nervous motorists dread banging into or damaging another person’s car or even their own car while attempting to park up. It is almost impossible for a nervous driver to park up perfectly between the lines.

Other passengers

Nervous drivers feel incredibly tense and stressed with other passengers in the car. According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, 15% of women motorists are sometimes not relaxed and 8% are never relaxed with their partner in the car, whereas only 5% of men are not relaxed.


The nervous drivers among us hate lorries. Lorries generally intimidate nervous or anxious drivers.


Some nervous drivers hate driving in the overtake lane or the fast lane. It means they have to try to overtake another car and speed up at the same time. It also means they have to go into the lane where speed demons are attempting to go way above the speed limit. Simply overtaking on normal roads is scary too as it means they have to take a risk by driving on the opposite side of the road.


Nervous drivers are prone to stalling. It can be caused by just being jittery, nervous or anxious. Stalling can be incredibly embarrassing for nervous motorists, which can make the nervousness and anxious feelings even worse.


Motorways are like massive games of Tetris. Nervous drivers really hate motorways because there are so many cars to intimidate them. Also nervous drivers prefer to not travel on motorways due to slip roads and as they have to move over into the motorway traffic from the slip road.  

Speed demons

Speed demons tailgate nervous drivers making them drive faster. Generally nervous drivers stick to the speed limit or below the speed limit so this frightens the drivers. This local village decided motorists needed extra encouragement to make them drive at 30mph.

Bad weather

Bad weather ranging from snow to winds can cause nervous drivers to fear the road. Snow, rain and ice can cause skids which could result in collisions. Cars can be hit by high winds and can affect the car’s handling as well as braking.  

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