Top 10: worst DIY car repairs

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Most drivers take their cars to the garage when it requires car repairs. Other drivers attempt to complete DIY car repairs on their beloved vehicles with hilarious consequences. These motorists should probably have left the car repairs to the experts. 

Duct tape holds the world together

Some drivers are left in a sticky situation when their cars break. However, some drivers obviously pul out the trusty duct tape to fix the problem. At least the tape will leave the cars with some stylish stripes when it is pulled off.

Having a wheel-y good time

Some DIY drivers obviously never tyre of fixing his car. One car driver has used a trolley wheel to replace the rear wheel. Hopefully this is only a temporary fix as the motorist is treading a fine line with the addition.

Mirror, mirror on the wing

A pink hand-held mirror was used to replace the left wing mirror on another car. On reflection the driver probably thought this was a bad idea in the end. 


One driver obviously needed more boot space. Adding the extra metre of wood gave the motorist a lot of extra space, but I bet they felt like a plank when they found out that they couldn’t open the car’s actual boot.

Fasten-ating problem

One car’s locks stopped working so the owner used a quick DIY fix of adding a simple bolt lock on the outside. Not sure it will keep out the thieves though. 

This car has wings

A Red Bull won’t exactly give a car wings, but one driver is hoping that it will temporarily cover the hole in the rusty pipe.

The steering wheel is a car staple

A car steering wheel was falling apart but was fixed using staples. Perhaps the driver was a bit wired when he thought of this idea.

This driver is nuts

The motorist cut the car’s wheel rim to fit around the wheel on another car. Hopefully the car won’t jack it in after the repairs.

Fork in the road?

Another driver replaced their inner car door handle with a fork and an elastic band. The DIY fix was definitely a stretch.

"Are the indicators working?" "Yes. No. Yes. No."

Presumably one driver thought he or she was screwed when the car’s indicator switch fell off. They replaced the indicator with a small screwdriver. 

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