21 Problems every driver understands

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Cars can offer independence and freedom. However, every driver will always have problems, and here are 21 of them that every driver will understand.  

  1. Road works are the most annoying things in the world

They delay you and take forever to be fixed. And they even come in groups of two of three.

  1. Parking fails

Bad parkers take up needless space and enrage drivers to consider writing arguments like the above. A recent driver even drove backwards off of a truck to avoid their car being impounded for illegal parking.

  1. Speed cameras - kill your speed

Nearly a quarter of British drivers have been penalised for speeding in the last four years. Have a read of the top excuses for speeding

  1. Costs break your bank account

Every driver needs to pay for insurance, MOT and tax costs every year. You also need to pay for petrol approximately once a week. 

  1. Parking tickets destroy your day

No matter what circumstances, your car will always get a parking ticket if you park in a city without paying or having the proper permit.

  1. All other cars get in the way

Learner drivers, buses, lorries, tractors and all other drivers are trying to kill you. Or may just be trying to get their destination…

  1. Forgetting due dates for MOT, insurance and tax

No matter how many years you have had your car, you always forget when your tax, insurance and MOT is due. 

  1. When your car passes the MOT, you feel on top of the world

There is always that feeling that your car may fail its MOT, even if it’s a newish car. 

  1. Tired driving on the way to and from work

Even if you get up hours before driving to work, you always feel shattered when you get behind the wheel. Obviously everyone feels exhausted after a long day at the office. 

  1. Always having a dirty car

Cleaning your car takes time or money. Neither of which some drivers are willing to part with too often. You can always tell when a car has recently been washed or cleaned because the driver will point it out to you. 

  1. Traffic jams are evil

Traffic jams can delay you by hours. And if the traffic jam is on the motorway, the car accident can have been cleaned away hours ago and yet drivers will still be peering through their windows crawling past the car accident scene.  

  1. Traffic wardens

Traffic wardens bring out the worst in drivers. Drivers either try to avoid parking near where wardens patrol or cover themselves by paying extra for more hours in the car park, just in case. 

  1. You either feel boiling hot or freezing cold in the car

You get in your car one day and it is boiling hot. The next day, it is absolutely freezing. 

  1. Losing your car in the car park

You park in a car park and when you come back you have completely forgotten where you have parked your car. Unless you have distinguishing features on your car such as a roof-rack, you will never find it again. 

  1. Never being able to listen to your favourite song 

Even if you sit in your car for hours on your commute, your favourite song will either never play or play just as you are getting out of your car.

  1. Speed humps

Speed bumps are mean. If you go over them, they either kill off your suspension because you are trying to maintain a speed or you slow down to snail pace. Some drivers have started to go around the speed bumps, if there is space on the road. 

  1. Pot holes

Wherever you drive during autumn and winter, there are potholes everywhere. Drivers usually play a game of avoidance, but this can result in some funny driving lines when there are potholes on each side of the road. 

  1. Tailgating

Tailgating is when a driver is driving really close to your back bumper. Some drivers do this to push you to drive faster and others do this before they are planning to overtake. Either way, they are not the best drivers and annoy other drivers to a road rage level. 

  1. Blinding headlights

There are drivers that turn on their high beams or just simply have strong headlights. When you are already driving night anyway, the headlights can be blinding. Thankfully, cars are now constructed with a rear view mirror anti-glare tab that stops it dazzling you. But that isn’t very helpful for oncoming traffic. 

  1. Non-indicatorers

That little indicator next to your wheel isn’t just there to look pretty, it also helps to tell other drivers what you are planning to do next, because you know, we aren’t all mind readers…

  1. Constant repairs

Even if you try to fix a car problem yourself, it is likely at some point your car will need to go in for repairs. These repairs can take days and cost a significant amount, leaving you out of pocket and without a car. 

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