Top Speeding Excuses

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Nearly a quarter of drivers in Britain have been penalised for speeding in the past four years, according to official figures. At least £500 million have been paid out in fines by around seven million drivers who were caught speeding, while around a million who broke the speed limits have notched up more than one conviction.

If ever caught speeding, would you tell the truth or make up some crazy excuse to try and divert their attention?

Here are some of the most unusual speeding excuses:

  • I was trying to make my wife shut up by scaring her.

  • Please can you let me off, I will lose my job.
  • I had some dodgy fried chicken and I need the toilet.
  • My missus ran away with a police officer the other week and I thought you were bringing her back.
  • I was trying to get away from the cops.

  • My passenger has drunk too much and I don’t want her to be sick in my car.



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