The World's Worst Road Signs

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Surely I’m not the only one who has drove past a road sign and thought how ridicious it is? Here’s a selection of the world’s craziest road signs. 

Let’s hope you’re never in an emergency on this road.

I wouldn’t want to break down on this road and have to walk 174km/108 miles to the nearest emergency phone.

Anyone heading to Montreal?

If you find travelling confusing enough, I suggest not going to Montreal. Which way is the right way?

This road sign is full of vital, helpful information…

At least this sign tells you there is absolutely nothing surrounding you.

I’m sure nobody knew that there will be water on the road while it’s raining, so thanks for the valuable piece of information. 

Surely it would be easier to have the road as a 25mph limit at all times? It’d be less confusing for sure. 

Pretty sure the secret’s out now…

Just in case you didn’t know you need to stop. You also cannot turn left or right, go straight on or turn around and go the other way. You just have to stop.

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