The worst road marking mistakes

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

A recent misspelling of "bus stop" on a road in Bristol by council workers resulted in many mocking tweets. The road marking meant to identify the road area as a bus stop was misspelled to "bup stop". Believe it or not though, this is not the worst road marking mistake. 

Don’t drive over the white line… But which one?

One road painter was obviously just having fun with motorists when they decided to paint white lines all over the road. Still, I wouldn’t want to be driving along the road at night. You wouldn’t know which white line was officially the middle. 

One road marking has got some stick

Another lazy road painter obviously couldn’t be bothered to move a tiny stick of wood. Instead the road marking painter painted the white mark over the top of the stick. 

One road painter is branching out 

Another bungling road painter decided to go around the tree branch rather than move it and therefore resulted in a curve in the road marking.

Blurring the zigzag lines?

One road painter probably painted zigzag lines and then drove over them causing blurring zigzag lines.

"Keep clear" of these road markers

For some reason, the simple words "keep clear" seem to baffle road markers as there have been many problems with writing this phrase on roads. The many variations differ from "keer cleap" to "keep claer".

Mind the mis-spelled "bump" 

Mind the "bump" or "bmup" according to one road marking. Apparently even four letter words aren’t even safe from the mistakes of the road markers.

"Look right" or "ritgh"

You should always "look right" before going across this road or "look ritgh" according to some road markings. 

One road painter obviously needs some schooling

A road marker spelt "school" as "shcool". This road marking was meant to indicate a close school.  

Need disabled parking?

Clearly another road painter has mixed up his ds and bs in this road marking mistake as he spelt "disabled" as "disableb".

Confused about the speed limit? So are we!

The speed limit one road is left to the driver’s choice. You could follow the 30mph signs or follow the 40mph road markings. We would go with the signs, considering the previous road marking mistakes.

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