The most interesting car world records

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

World records are made to be broken. Pushing the boundaries to create new records, these world record breakers have broken stunt, fast and weird car records to get their names in the history books.

Weirdest car world records

Farthest limbo skating under cars

Limbo skating under 27 cars over 48.21 metres, five-year-old Shreeya Rakesh Deshpande completed this achievement in just 23 seconds in India in May 2012.

Most people crammed in a new model Mini Cooper

The most people crammed in a new model Mini Cooper was 28 and was achieved in 2014 by Dani Maynard and the David Lloyd Divas at Potter’s Field in London. 

Largest loop the loop in a car

The largest loop-the-loop in a car measured 18.29m in diameter and was achieved by Mattel driven by Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust in L.A., California, USA in June 2012. 

Lowest roadworthy car

The lowest roadworthy car measures 45.2cm from the ground to the highest part and is called Mirai created by students and staff at the Automobile Engineering Course of Okayama Sanyo High School in Japan in November 2010.

Longest car

A 100ft long 26-wheeled limousine was designed by Jay Ohrberg in California to use in films and on displays. The car features a swimming pool and king-sized water bed. 

Heaviest vehicle pulled by hair

The heaviest vehicle pulled by the hair alone was a truck weighing 9,385kg by Ajit Kumar Singh in Nawada Bihar, India on September 21 2010. Ajit pulled the vehicle 55m, a full 50m more than he was required to pull it. That is really strong hair!

Balancing car on the head

John Evans balanced a 162kg Mini Cooper on his head in 2013 in December 1999.

Most produced car model

There have been more than 37 million Toyota Corolla produced worldwide as of February 2011, however there have been 10 generations of the car since it was first produced so it isn’t the same car. There was more than 21 million cars produced until 2003 of the old version of the VW Beetle.

Largest car engine

The greatest engine capacity of a production car was 13.5-litres for the US Pierce-Arrow 6-66 Raceabout of 1912-8, the USA Peerless 6-60 of 1912-4 and the Fageol of 1918.

Most expensive car

The most expensive car ever sold in public was the Mercedes W196R ‘Silver Arrow’ which went for £17,801,128 when it went under the hammer at Bonhams’ at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Most expensive car registration

The most expensive car registration made up of a single digit the number ‘1’ was sold for £7.2 million during a special number-plate auction organised by the Emirates Auction Company in United Arab Emirates in February 2008.

Smallest roadworthy car

Registered with a vanity licence plate of "IM BIG", the smallest roadworthy car which measures just 63.5cm high, 65.41cm wide and 126.47cm long was created by Austin Coulson and measured in Texas, USA in September 2012.

Most car parking tickets

Jennifer Fitzgerald managed to collect $100,000 in parking tickets on a $600 car in an employee only car park in an airport. 

Stunt car world records

Most cars performing donuts simultaneously

Achieved by the Latvian Drift Association, 107 cars performed donuts simultaneously at the Bikernieki Sports Complex in Latvia in September 2012.

Farthest distance pushing a car

The farthest distance pushing a car individually in 24 hours is 50 miles achieved by Joey Motsay at Signature Place Parking Level P1 in North Carolina in May 2013.

Tightest parallel parking

John Moffatt achieved the tightest parallel parking of 13.1cm at Hereford, UK in December 2012. 

Longest drift

The longest vehicle drift is 84.13 km (51.28 miles) and was achieved by Johan Schwartz in a BMW M5 at the BMW Performance Centre in South Carolina in May 2013.

Fastest car world records

Fastest production car

The fastest production car is the Hennessey Venom GT hitting a top speed of 270.49mph at the Kennedy Space Centre in February 2014. 

Fastest land speed car

The official land speed record over a mile is 1,227.985 km/h set by Andy Green in October 1997 in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada in the Thrust SSC.

Fastest standing mile in a car

The fastest standing mile in a street car was 283.232mph achieved by Johnny Bohmer at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida in October 2012 using a 1,700bhp 2006 Ford GT.

Fastest car dismantle

A team from Espoo Ammattioppilaitos, a Finnish technical school dismantled a five-door family saloon which was essentially a rolling shell in 35 minutes in November 2001.

Fastest compressed air powered car

The fastest compressed air powered car reached a speed of 129.2km/h achieved at the Toyota Industries Corporation Dream Car Project at the Japan Automobile Research Institute Test Centre, Ibaraki, Japan in September 2011.

Fastest diesel-engined car

The highest speed ever reached in a diesel-powered car is 563.418km/h by Andy Green driving the JCB Dieselmax at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah in August 2006.

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