Best car GIF's from around the web

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Utilising its cool-defining 500 hatchback, Fiat recently released an advert composed entirely of GIFs. Universally used and cult favourite of all computer wizardry, the GIF allows us to create many amusing moving images that constantly gives a good ol’ laugh.

In honour of the advertisement’s release and its great use of the GIF - as well as Twitter finally embracing the wondrous file type - we decided to compose a list of the best car GIFs we have ever seen.

Jumping truck: A great effort from one driver who performs a skateboard esque leap on this gravel hill.

High five drifting: Taking this high energy motorsport to a new level, you’ve got to feel for the guy hanging on for dear life.

Exploding Formula 1 wheels: Toro Rosso driver Sebastien Buemi wasn’t having a good day when his car’s wheels decided to depart in stunning fashion.

WRC driver almost goes nose over tail: One rally driver almost gets more air than he bargained for during a forest stage.

Random car crash filmed: As nonchalant reactions go, an interviewee looks more quizzical than scared as a Renault Twingo flies past him mid barrel roll.

Top Gear Audi R8 versus Porshe 911: Clarkson and Hammond do battle on the track in two German sports cars and look uber cool in the process.

Top Gear drifting: Ignoring all requests to be informative and not entertaining, Clarkson decides to spank this Corvette ZR-1 around a hairpin.

BMW slide: Because why not.

Epic parking car: You know when you’re looking desperately for a space in the multi-story? You beat the competition by completing an epic turn.

Walk in to car: Some people just don’t feel the need to open car doors anymore; and when you can simply walk in to your car, who can blame them.

Miniature car washing: Many like to pretend they own a priceless Ferrari, but some like to pretend just a little too much.

Dancing car door: The door of a Koenigsegg is a thing of beauty, even when it’s merely a scale model of the Swedish hypercar.

Real life Mario Kart: We’ve all wanted to do this, let’s be honest. We’re guessing he uses the Bullet to miss the rush hour.

Dogs versus car: Rev your engine at a dog and suffer the consequences.

Which GIF gave you the best laugh of them all?

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