Highway Code to be updated for driverless cars

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

The Highway Code is to be updated to allow driverless cars to drive on Britain’s roads for the first time, as the current Highway Code rules are insufficient for dealing with autonomous cars.

Britain has recently made an amendment to the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic that originally stated every driver should be in control of the vehicle at all times. Now the amendment agreement states a car can drive itself as long as the system can be overridden or switched off by the driver. This amendment has led the way for future law amendments to allow driverless cars on the roads.

Autonomous vehicles that can memorise a route are currently being developed by the Oxford University’s Engineering Science department.

Science Minister David Willets said: "We need to work on these type of regulations so that as the technology develops in Oxford and elsewhere we can them used."

The Government’s plan is to commit to reviewing the law and ensuring there is an appropriate system for testing driverless cars that supports car companies to test them in Britain.

Google’s recently revealed self-driving car navigates using GPS and Google Maps. The autonomous car only has buttons to start, pull over, stop and a computer screen.

There are also new regulations being drafted for the autonomous cars in California and the Department of Motor Vehicles is expecting to issue the first self driving cars licences in September.

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