The road to V Festival

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Live music is always an exciting and special spectacle to witness, especially if your favourite bands and artists are present. Meanwhile, the experience of attending a summer festival such as V Festival can be made even more memorable by the people you’re with and your set up at the campsite.

We’ve laid out some tips in order for you to be fully prepared for a great summer weekend.

Festival Packing List


Starting with the most obvious piece of equipment, you need a tent big enough for the amount of people in your party to sleep in and provide you with warmth and security. A good quality sleeping bag will add to this, while a camping mat or air bed will make your nights even more comfortable and protect your body against debris. Using a mallet is the best way to keep your tent pegs in place and ensure it is secured to the floor during windy weather.


The perfect festival clothing has a mixture of style, practicality and comfort.  For a summer festival, shorts and skirts are a must, while jeans are great for cool evening and t shirts are all-round important clothing elements for a festival environment. Don’t be forgetting to take socks and underwear, of course; it’s also important to remember to keep a clean set of clothing to wear for travelling home. Sweaters/jumpers, coats and jackets are advised to keep you warm at night around the camp fire. There’s no guarantee of a completely dry weekend - it is an English summer after all - so waterproof clothing is advised, while wellies and boots are perfect for muddy ground and wet weather at a festival. Pyjamas are an ideal comfortable change of clothing for night-time in your tent. A towel can be used as an extra blanket or to clean yourself down.


It’s always important to stay as fresh as possible at a festival, and making sure to brush your teeth on a morning with your toothbrush and toothpaste can freshen up your breath. Hand sanitizer, meanwhile, is an easy way to cleanse your hands wherever you are at the festival. A hairbrush can keep your hair untangled and help you look at your best in the festival photos. Protect your eyes and skin against the sun with a cheap pair of sunglasses that you may not care about if they get lost and sun cream. A first aid kit is also essential and can help you deal with minor accidents and injuries that may occur over the few days. If you are required to take medication, remember to have this in an accessible location when on the campsite and take it with you if you’re going to be seeing bands for most of the day. Plastic bags can be used as simple rubbish bins, while toilet roll can be used for the obvious jobs but also for cleaning.

Cooking supplies

If you plan on cooking food at your camping pitch, cooking supplies are a must and you should take with you essentials such as cups, a camping stove with gas or disposable BBQs, pots, pans, spatulas, reusable plastic plates, plastic forks and plastic knives. Bottled water and kitchen roll can be utilised to clean any of these.


There are some things that just have to be taken to a festival. These will likely include a camera to capture the festival memories, your mobile phone to keep in contact with your friends and family, travel tickets e.g. coach trip tickets, the V Festival camping and attendance tickets, your driving licence or a proof of identity as well as cash and debit/ credit cards. You may also want to block out music and festival goers and have a few hours’ of sleep, which ear plugs do very well. A reusable bottle can be filled up with water to keep you hydrated, while a torch can be used to find your tent in the dark and help you with your surroundings at night.

Packing the car

When preparing to set off for a festival, it is important to consider how you are going to unpack at the other end. With that in mind, you should pack items such as the tent last as you’ll want to get it out first set it up as soon as you get there. The heaviest items should obviously go in the boot and out of the way of the passenger areas. The festival gear should then be packed on seats that are not needed. Put the items (e.g. snacks and maps) that you need en route in front with you. If you feel you are taking a lot of equipment, you should try to pack it the day before.

Driving to your festival

First things first: roll down the windows and turn up the stereo on the way to the V Festival with a bespoke V Festival play list. If you live a few hours away from the venue, make sure to leave plenty of time to get to the V Festival as traffic could hinder your progress. If you are travelling with friends, discussing the weekend ahead and who you are looking forward to seeing will ensure you arrive at the festival in good spirits. The odd game of I Spy could also help.

Setting up camp

You should choose a flat horizontal space, or if you have to pitch on a hill, arrange the tent so that the slope is head to toe and get as high up the slope as possible to avoid any potential drainage issues. Check the ground for items that may make your tent uncomfortable. Make sure your tent is the correct size for the space available. Ensure you have space for your guy ropes. Try to camp away from the toilets as these become smelly and crowded, as well as away from the path and stages as these are crowded and noisy. Take a padlock to keep your tent and your belongings safe.

Enjoying the festival

The most important element to enjoying V Festival is organising your day so that you don’t miss your favourite artists/ bands or comedians. Wear an outfit you feel comfortable in and wear shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy. Carry a coat or jacket in case it starts raining. Stay hydrated during the day with a bottle of water or pop. Remember to keep all your valuables with you at all times. And last but by no means least, enjoy yourselves. 

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