Car Scrappage Scheme Survey & Competition

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Unveiled as part of Alistair Darling’s 2009 budget, the car scrappage scheme saw the introduction of a £2000 Government backed incentive aimed at boosting new car sales in an automotive sector plagued by dwindling sales.

Under the scheme motorists with a car of ten years old or more had the opportunity to scrap it in exchange for a £2000 part exchange payment towards the cost of buying a brand new one.

Facilitating the sale of 330,000 cars and safeguarding an estimated 4,000 automotive jobs in the UK. The scheme generated substantial additional tax revenues and left the Government with an estimated profit of £350 per car sold even after accounting for their half of the £2000 contribution. The other half of the cash incentive was met by participating manufacturers.

The scheme benefited car dealers through increased sales, and even the environment by way of removing tens of thousands of high polluting cars from UK roads, replacing them with more efficient, less pollutive alternatives.

Now five years on we’re keen to gain an understanding of how the British public feel about the scheme and what kind of an impact a new scheme might have.

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