Top 10: weirdest cars

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Generally cars have four wheels and a stylish body. However, some car enthusiasts like to stand out from the crowd in a weird car. From grass covered cars to high heel shoes, we have searched through them all to bring you the top 10 weirdest cars. Which is your favourite weird car?

Lady’s High Heel Shoe Car

The high heels shoe has three wheels, front lights and a lot of space for transporting your loved ones. You might have a few problems staying in the heel seats though. 

Cat Car

Get annoyed with cats sitting on your car? A cat lover turned a car into a cat. The cat’s purr might be a bit louder, but we’re not sure about the pink.

Telephone Car

If you are on the move all the time, the telephone car will allow you to keep you up to date with your friends and family as it brings a whole new meaning to a mobile phone.

Double Car

The double car had us seeing double. However, we are not sure the passenger in the top car will have as comfortable a journey as the driver in the bottom car. 

Pac-Man Car

For the nostalgic gamer, the Pac-Man car is a dream come true. You just have to remember the cats eyes on the road are not pac dots. 

Bath Car

The bath car is the car for those that hit the snooze button. You can drive to work and have a quick bath on the way. 

Grass Car

The astro-turf covered car brings a whole new meaning to going green. 

Snail Car

The snail car may mean that you move as slow as a snail, but at least you will stand out from the crowd. 

Duck Car

Don’t worry, you aren’t going quackers. The duck car looks fantastic illuminated but can’t take to the water unfortunately. 

House Car

For those car enthusiasts that want to take their home with them, this house car is called the Neverwas Haul.UK Blog Awards - Highly Commended

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