Revealed: The all-new Ford Mustang

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

After weeks of leaked images slipping through the net, Ford has finally officially revealed the all-new Mustang, with the muscle car set for a right-hand drive release for the first time in more than four decades.

The new Ford Mustang will go on sale in the US on 17 April next year – 50 years to the day after the original was launched, before the UK gets it in 2015. It’s amazing to think that with all the variations of the Mustang we’ve seen over the last five decades, this is only the sixth-generation of one of America’s most revered sons.

Commenting on the international stance of the new Mustang, programme boss Dave Pericak said: “We didn’t decide to do a global Mustang. We decided to take the Mustang global.

Pericak continued: “Everything we do is to make a Mustang, and then take it global with homologation. We didn’t change the recipe. The only commonality is the wheelbase — every sheet metal panel is different, and only two fasteners are retained”

Almost certainly the most comprehensive change implemented on the new Ford Mustang is the adoption of independent rear suspension. This is something which the muscle car has being crying out for and comes 30 years after most manufacturers dropped live rear axles in favour of the more capable structure.

An immediate result of adding independent rear suspension is a more rigid ride for the corners, a factor such American cars are constantly criticised for. The front suspension has also been redesigned to match the rear’s capabilities.

New Ford Mustang - Rear

More benefits of the new Mustang’s reimagining include a lighter body and more space inside the cabin, as well an upgrade of materials inside the car. A dashboard inspired by the double-wing nature of the 1964 car remains, whilst big dials also keep their place; however, an eight-inch infotainment unit has been placed at the heart of the cabin and in Europe will be utilised as a sat nav.

Purists will be glad to hear that the 5.0-litre V8 has been carried over and will be upgraded to produce a massive 500bhp within 18 months (420bhp until then). A big surprise to some, however, is the option to place one of Ford’s EcoBoost engines under the hood. The 2.3-litre four-cylinder unit will have 305bhp on tap, and whilst is out of habit for a Mustang to have such an engine as an option, Ford insists it is “a ton of fun to drive, very well balanced and rewarding. It sounds powerful and like it belongs in a Mustang”.

A 3.7-litre V6 is also available, but only in the US in order for the Mustang to keep its familiar low entry price in the States.

When it comes to looks, the new Mustang inherits some of the previous generation’s boxy looks, but the sixth incarnation takes on a much more contemporary visual demeanour and places the Mustang well and truly in the 21st Century. That’s not to say the new Mustang doesn’t take influences from previous manifestations of the car, and is immediately identifiable as a Mustang, albeit one with improved proportions and aerodynamic qualities.

A convertible version of the new Mustang has also been revealed and is a model not yet seen via the numerous leaked images. It keeps the four-seat arrangement of those before it and the fabric roof takes just seven seconds to retract or close. In design, it certainly harks back to the ’64 equivalent.

No official pricing for the new Ford Mustang has been disclosed, but you can expect the base model to start from around £30,000 when it comes to British shores in just over a year.

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